Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Call For Interview At Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) Between 05 Jan-14 Jan 2019

Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA), regulates and licenses port and marine services and facilities. It also manages vessel traffic in the port while ensuring safety and security. Our website contains information, guidelines and procedures on matters relating to the port and its operations.


TPA operates a system of ports serving the Tanzania hinterland and the landlocked countries of Malawi, Zimbabwe,Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda.

TANZANIA: Today 25 December 2018 Newspapers Headlines

Today 25 December 2018, Here are Headlines From Tanzania Newspapers For Sports, Entertainment, Politics and Education Headlines

Monday, December 24, 2018

BASASA Release Punishment To Diamond Platinum And Rayvany

The functions of the BASATA 
According to Act No. 23 of 1984, in which the Council was formed, the functions of the Council include:
  1. Raising and promoting Artwork development
  2. Application of various aspects of art Providing consultancy and professional assistance to organizations or persons engaging in arts activities. 
  3. Coordinating the activities of art performed by individuals or institutions. 
  4. Providing and enhancing training programs for stakeholders. 
  5. Development artistic production activities. 
  6. Encourage art development through exhibitions, tournaments, concerts, workshops and seminars. 
  7. Establishing, collecting and maintaining tortues, including those relating to individuals, organizations, institutions, materials and structures related to art 
  8. Register all artists  those who engage in art activities

TANZANIA: Today 24 December 2018 Newspapers Headlines

Today 24 December 2018, Here are Headlines From Tanzania Newspapers For Sports, Entertainment, Politics and Education Headlines.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Voice Global Mtandao Huru! Tanzania Sudden Opportunity Grants

CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Voice Global Mtandao Huru! Tanzania Sudden Opportunity Grants

Do you work/have an interest in the following sectors; blogging, online radio/TV, social media, subscribers of online content and online content hosts or operating Internet cafes? 
Are you concerned about the new laws that have disabling and restrictive provisions that directly impacts the ability of citizens to exercise their freedom of expression in Tanzania (The Electronic and Postal Communications 2018, 2015 Cybercrimes Act, Media Services Act 2016, data protection bill)? 
Do these rules directly impact one or more Voice target groups? 
Is there a national opportunity for strategic advocacy or litigation, offline protests, or coordination of collective action that can lead to change in legal decision, policy/laws, a shift in public attitudes and practices?
If you answer yes to the questions above, apply for a Sudden Opportunity Grant to promote the right to freedom of expression and fight cultures of self-censorship!

This grant is available from Euro 5,000 to Euro 200,000 for an intervention that will last between 6 and 12 months.

What do we wish to fund?
Collective action that will impact at least one or more of the Voice target groups;
Women facing exploitation, abuse and/or violence,People with Disabilities,Age discriminated (youth and elderly), Indigenous People and Ethnic Minorities.
Voice has a strong preference for projects that intend to work with more than one target group to address overlapping vulnerabilities.

Your project can look at any or all of the following themes:
Improved access to (productive) resources (finance, land and water) and employment,Improved access to social services, health and education in particular, and Space for political participation

Who do we wish to fund?

Applications are being accepted from a coalition, network or consortia with participation of human rights defenders, journalists, bloggers, NGOs and self-interested individuals or intellectuals who jointly and collectively seek the promotion and protection of civil and political rights of Voice target groups.


Please follow these steps:
Read throughly the Grant Manual for guidelines on how to apply, what is expected of grantees, criteria, schedule, and the granting process in Kenya.Take the eligibility test available on the next tab to assess whether you are eligible.If you have passed the eligibility test, you need to send an Email to tanzania@voice.global to describe your collective action in 1 to 2 paragraphs. In this Email you need to describe what the sudden opportunity is, the actions you intend to take, the actors undertaking the collective action, the amount needed and the duration. If the collective action meets the criteria of the grant, Voice will contact you to discuss further and send you an application form to complete.We aim to make decisions within 4 weeks after application. Projects that are rewarded with funding must be implemented within 6 – 12 months after approval of the application.
Should you have any questions, please read the FAQ first. If the information is not sufficient, please write to tanzania@voice.global for more information. We also encourage you to look at the Voice grantees’ page for an overview of what kind of projects Voice funds.
Dedaline: December 31st, 2018. 


The President’s Office, Public Service Recruitment Secretariat (PSRS) is an independent department established by Section 29 (1) of the Public Service CAP 298 as amended by the Act No. 18 of 2007. PSRS was established to facilitate the recruitment process on behalf of the Government. The Amendment Act No.18 of 2007 under section 29 (6) stipulates the functions of the PSRS as follows:
  1. Search for various professionals with special skills and prepare database for such professionals for easier recruitment;
  2. Register graduates and professionals for purposes of ease of reference in filling vacant posts,
  3. Advertise vacant posts occurring in the public service;
  4. Engage appropriate experts for purposes of conducting interviews;
  5. Advise employers on various matters related to recruitment; and
  6. Do any other act or thing which may be directed by the Minister responsible for Public Service


TANZANIA: Today 23 December 2018 Newspapers Headlines

Today 23 December 2018 Here are Headlines From Tanzania  Newspapers

Saturday, December 22, 2018

TAMISEMI: List Of Selected Student To Join Form One 2019

Dodoma Region
Kilimanjaro Region
Katavi Region
Geita Region
Songwe Region
Pwani Region
Arusha Region
Lindi Region
Simiyu Region
Mbeya Region
Singida Region
Ruvuma Region
Mtwara Region
Dar es salaam Region

Samatta Sign New Contract With KRC Genk

KRC Genk Club has announced good news related to Tanzanian National team captain Mbwana Samatta, who is currently playing for the club, KRC Genk has shown his commitment to trust Mbwana Samatta and has decided to add a new contract.

Samatta has added a two-year contract to continue playing for KRC Genk, its original contract ended at the end of 2018/2019, due to the increase in the contract will be the Luminus Arena until 2021.

If you will be well remembered, Mbwana Samatta joined the KRC Genk in January 2016 from the TP Mazembe club of Congo, Samatta at KRC Genk playing a total of 141 games, with a total of 55 goals in all competitions and with a total of 14 assists and currently he is leading  goalscorer with 12 goals in Belgium Jupiler Pro League

Tanzania Air BUS A220 Arrive Tomorrow 2:30 PM

The first flight between Air-Bus A220 aircraft purchased by the Government of Tanzania has arrived in Accra, Ghana, on the way to the our country.
The plane will arrive tomorrow at 2:30 pm and will be received by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania Hon. Dr. John Pombe Magufuli.

Tanzania Ambassador in Nigeria who also serves in Ghana Hon. Muhidin Mboweto said the plane has been safe in the city of Accra Ghana and has been a chat for everyone who saw it at airport.

Ambassador Mboweto, staff and some passengers in the stadium have shown a keen interest in seeing the first airplane in Africa since the Air-Bus company started producing A220 aircraft.

"The airport staff and some passengers after announcing the arrival of this A220 aircraft have been eager to see it and are really a beautiful plane and it is more appealing to them to see the Twiga and the name of our country of Tanzania with the highest reputation in the world "Said  Ambassador.

Ambassador said Tanzanians living in Ghana and Nigeria have congratulated the Fiveth Phase government and Hon. President Magufuli for these major achievements that will help to promote the economy through air transport, tourism and investment.

The A220 aircraft left Montreal Canada last at 1:00 pm The Canadian hour and arrive at Santa Maria Islands at 5:00 pm for their hours. Today it has arrived Ghana's Accra at 4 00 Pm Ghana's hour received by Ambassador Muhidin Mboweto who works in Ghana.

Along with the Air-Bus company pilots and leading pilots from Tanzania. ATCL General Director Ladislaus Matindi is heading the plane from Canada until it arrives at the Julius Nyerere Airport in Dar es Salaam tomorrow. It will be at 2:30 pm.

Ludewa Started To Benenif From Telecommunication

Residents around Lake Nyasa in Ludewa District Njombe Region After staying without telecommunication for many years since the creation of the World, they have finally found hope after the Government started the construction of eight towers in the area.

Speaking about the construction of the towers, some of the Lake Nyasa Regional Councilors said the construction of the telecommunication tower would be a major solution to communication issues in the region.

The Councillors have named the villages where the Government is building the tower through Halotel Company which are villages of Nindi and Ntumbati in Lupingu County, Ndoa and Kimata county of Makonde, Kilondo and Nsele County Kilondo and Lumbila Village and Nkanda in Lumbar County where the Village of Lifuma will depend on Contacts from Nearby villages.

In addition, the leaders together with their People on Lake Nyasa have congratulated the Fiveth Phase Government of the President of the United Republic of Tanzania Dr. John Pombe Pursuit to Continue Listening to the Lerowa People's problems  through Their Member of Parliament, Deo Ngalawa and to resolve those problems.

However, the Government Provided Money for Road Repair from Lumbila Through Kijombo Village in Makete to Ludewa Urban District along with Strengthening the Health Service to repair Mlangali, Makonde and Manda Health Centers as well as Construction of New Health Centers in each Ward.

Mice attack the US White House

The White House has been dominated by the rats who have appeared to spreads Washington DC venues in recent years.

Journalists who were in their official activities in the White House  reported that they had witnessed four rats fleeing to President Donald Trump's residence and that one ridiculous mouse passed over the leg of the journalist.

John Robert, a journalist of the Fox Center, wrote a tweet describing how he met the huge mouse who went over his left foot while he is at White House.
So - I am standing in our @FoxNews standup location on the @WhiteHouse North Lawn and notice in my peripheral vision something moving at my left foot. I assumed it was one of the ubiquitous WH squirrels. But no....it was a big brown rat.

14.1K people are talking about this

 In this regard, the Washington DC Department of Health, Gerard Brown, said that those mouses who seen at white house were part of the majority of the mouses who came from their hiding places because of a growing flood.
"Water can not kill or even minimize them. Mice can swim for about a week, but rain can cause them to get food shortages. The situation that moves them out of their habitat to find food, "Brown is recalled by the Washington Post.
He said that the mouse was seen in could produce 10 children within one month.
The increase in the rates is due to the effects of rainfall as well as the large number of people growing in such area, which means the presence of many restaurants and foods that are thrown as dirt that attracts many rats.