Saturday, March 17, 2018

Why to employ graduaters in our company

One of the major obstacles in finding employment for graduates is to see the job description they know they can do but the years of needed experience prevent them from applying for work. Although most middle and high grades require a person who has worked on the market for some time, low-level jobs do not require an experienced 3 to 5-year-old job!
Why do employers do this? The answer is simple, they do not want to hire graduates who just completed the college.
In Tanzania, there is a considerable perspective among employers that university graduates are not eligible because:
  • They may not be aware of acceptable behavior place of  work
  • They will need great management
  • They do not have any responsibility
  • They will need a lot of training
  1. Although young people have losses in employment, there are more benefits than the losses the employer receives from employing graduates. Here are 10 profits that you will find in your business by investing with new graduates.
  2. They have the right to show that they canNo group was affected by unemployment as college students. Reports indicate the  unemployment rate is more than 14% in adolescents aged 18-24. So many graduates find themselves unemployed for years. This means when they get a  job , they will be more determined to show more effort to prove that they qualify for the job.
  3. Have the right to learnFor most people as you go, the desire to learn new things is diminishing. New college graduates have little intelligence that is easy to learn and to acquire new skills, and because they do not have work experience, they are ready to be taught by the most experienced people.
  4. Know the technologyNew college graduates have grown in times of technological change, and have the ability to use electronic devices   and programs. You do not need to teach them how to use a computer. And they can even help solve some of the Information Technology's problems, set up an important software on various devices, and provide you with software extracts that will help you work.
  5. They are cheaper ones.This is clear, any graduate will accept a lower salary than an experienced professional on the market already. If you are trying to use graduateers, this will help you improve your budget.
  6. Have new ideas about different thingsIf you've been in the same environment for a long time, it's hard to get new ideas. But when a new person enters the environment he can see something you have failed to see. In addition to bringing new ideas, graduates come with the new knowledge and skills learned college that you can help your company. Also, because they have never been working at work and have never met a secular bureaucracy, it will be easier for them to submit and try new ideas in their work.
  7. Readiness to work for many hours and travel. Asuch  consultants ,   investment banks and  broadcasters  have begun to discover the benefits of employing qualified young people, often having no family at home, so they are willing to spend their own time working. This makes researchers on jobs that require regular and long-term travel.
  8. They understand online dynamicsIn these years, every business will need to adjust its strategies to get online customers. Over 40% of Tanzanians are under 25 years old , businesses need to know how to use it to attract young people online. New teenagers, as well as using the Internet themselves, are also part of  this online market  and thus contribute to ideas in attracting customers online. For example, a new graduate can tell you what an Instagram post is more interesting, which will attract more people. They can give you ideas about advertising YouTube. And they will always grow up knowing which app is, which site is the most popular, so help your business guide on the market.
  9. They will make you a good boss. Scholarsmag You will learn more about being a good boss by working with young people. They prefer:
  • Receive well-thought-provoking comments and corrects them
  • They get the biggest motivation by getting the best ideas to win even cash bonuses
  •  They are closely following the leadership, and they are disturbed when their boss's words are not identical to actions
  •  They prefer to find someone who teaches them more experienced
Generally, young people are a group whose performance depends on how they are largely distributed. So doing well you will know that you are leading them well, and if they do badly you will know that you are misleading them. And even if their bad performance is not the cause of your leadership, helping them to improve their performance will be a good job.
Remember when you came out. In the past you were a young man looking for opportunities, and someone gave you a chance. And you do it. If you can still develop a professional career, what prevents the graduate? So to counteract untrue attitudes, employing a student is more profitable than the losses, benefits that you can not earn by employing an experienced person.