Tuesday, May 29, 2018

How to take notes in meeting, classroom, conference and anywhere

Everyday people reads books and go to school, attending meetings and conferences, Thus taking notes skills is very important thing to know so as to note what people or what you read or teacher talk in the class. Note taking is very important because enable to keep memory.
The following below are the seven skills on notes taking

  1. Listen careful. You have to listen careful on what people talk either so as to identify all main ideas that to be noted down instead of writing everything that speaker speaker.
  2. Be brief. In note taking people should ve very briefy by writing only main ideas and important details that speaker speak.
  3. Use of symbol. Note taking peole should use symbols that will stand for something else so as to go with the same speed of speaker. Example of simple to use are & for AND, # for NUMBER, = for EQUAL, @ for AT and so on.
  4. Take main points. When speaker talk concentrate and focus in knowing main ideas. When you can a idea write it down.
  5. Keep Space after each main idea. In notes taking must keep a space between main ideas where you can more details about that point.
  6. Organization of notes. Make sure the organization of your notes taking based on speaker follow from the beginning up to the end of his or her speech.
  7. Use of phrase and number. These are used to maintain speed of speaker and notes taking.
Hope after studing above tips you are now very well in notes taking. If yes let your comment below about this article.