Tuesday, June 26, 2018

8 Things Young To Avoid

  1. Avoid walking with a man's wife, making it a serious mistake and it can destroy your youth very quickly 
  2. Avoid women's buying. Their impact on life becomes very serious. They destroy the body and the soul 
  3. Do not take advantage of theft so as to success  quickly without using the right way. 
  4. Avoid making your room for a thief or a friend of friends who have bad manners .
  5. Stop spending money at all. Instead invest and enjoy benefits and gain losses.
  6. Have friends who understand and do good things, make fun and learn good from them.
  7. If a boy never neglect or impersonate your personality, let him not get someone for any title or knowledge that he or she has to do with disrespect yours.
  8. Avoid sluggishness and timeless things. Take care of your time to do important things for your life and your future generation.
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