Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Issue of traffic jam in Dar es salaam; Tanzania

Tanzania has largest business city of Dar es salaam that has districts like Temeke, Kigamboni, Ilala, Ubungo and Kinondoni. It has large population than any other region in Tanzania that is why there us transport problem in Dar es salaam although goverment try and continue to solve problem of transport jam.
There are many core areas for traffic jam in Dar es salaam for example areas like Tazara, Ubungo, Uhasibu near National Football Stadium, Kamataa( Kariakoo), Karume near Dar es salaam Regional offices. This traffic jam have various negative impacts to the people as listed below
  • People late to go in their working area and return home after work. For example Traffic  jam of Tazara people use at least three hours in a car.
  • Also student fail to go early in school for their studies.
  • Sometimes people late to do interview lead to loose employment opportunities.
  • It contribute to cause car accidents 
  • It tiresome police traffic to guide car so as to reduce jam especially during the evening and morning.
But Tanzania government undertake differnt measures to solve traffic jam in Dar es salaam as follow below:-
  • Construction of flyover at Tazara. This project still going on but when finished it will contribute to reduce traffic jam at Tazara for the car use this route which are car from Mbagala to SIMU200, Gongo la mboto to SIMU200 and Mbagala.
  • Development of high speed buses. These project also reduce a traffic jam in different areas in Dar es salaam. These high speed bus used to transport people in routes like Posta-Kimara, Kariakoo-Kimara, Ubungo-Kariakoo, Morocco-Posta and Kariakoo.
  • However Use of Traffic police and traffic lights to guide car in different areas like Uhasibu, Urafiki and so on.
That is all about transport problem in Dar es salaam but congratulations to the government by try hard to solve this problem to her people.