Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Must Avoid these Six (6) People In Your Life.

Life is about people we meet every day . So there are people we meet and are contributing to our lives and these help us to bring our dream closer. But there are people we have lead our things fail. These three are very avoided even if they are your siblings  To avoid is not to love them no, but to avoid listening to their unhealthy words, discouragement words, etc. 

  1. Avoid people who are slanderous (slanderous) These are the worst people in our daily life.They are people who talk to people and unfortunately speak to people in a negative attitude .This is what Rose Mhando said "jua likisogea nao wanasogea" in English " When sun move, they move too"
  2. These people are closer to the lives of other people than their lives .So these are those who see their neighbor buying a car thinks he or she is working out of his job or joining the devil's means of making money easily .So many people like this do not have any dreams to sleep with Just get up without knowing what they should do. 
  3. Avoid people complaining  These are many people in the world but especially in the East African region of Tanzania they lead .So these people complain every day, complaining that their brothers did not help them, the government has been dealing with the matter. People of this kind do not even know that problems or challenges are making opportunities .He has forgotten that he even made a hat is after hearing people complain about the sun that helps humans and plants survive. 
  4. Avoid hypocrites. These  are speechless person who is not in his heart .He or she lives a dramatic life while the reality of his life is in him or her. People who are hypocrites are people poison in your life. They are people who will design this thing with their mouths you'll see if they agree with you or they have their own. These people are from our families, in our churches and mosques. They are the people who brought back their progress every one of them. 
  5.  Avoid people talking about past events. These people are talking about their past lives and events that are not related to their lives .Yet, you will hear them say "In 2000 I've ever got money", "My father had a car" These people are winning a pool and cardboard while discussing the Lionball and the in 2010 he had five trucks loaded. These people do not have to go anywhere you have no reason to be with them in the near future, though you should love them.
  6. Avoid people who do not dream. People who do not dream are the people who are good in distracting others .These are the ones who will put many precautions before you tell them your dreams. People who do not have a dream feel that everything is impossible with you when you show it is possible to begin to show you what obstacles will be ahead of you than the benefits you will get



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