Thursday, August 16, 2018

Benefits of reading

Reading is a passing through a written text. Every ready people  reads book articles in fecebook, instagram and other platforms. There are several methods or types of reading like skimming, scanning, critical and extensive reading. To effective and critical in reading must observe the following things:-

  1. You should Set your goals and objectives in reading a text.
  2. You have to make connections on what you ready and what you did think before.
  3. As you read talk to author of the book for more clarifications where you did not understand.
  4. Make summary. Here you have to identifying important or main ideas.
  5. Make a prediction of question about what you read.
  6. Observation. Make an observation of text structure before you read an article.
  7. You shoud make preparation both mentally and physically.
  8. Take notes on what you read. There are technique to take notes as follow:-
  •      Be brief
  •      Use symbol
  •      Write important details
  •      Use number
  •      Use phrase
  •      Organize you note acccording to author 
1. Expand knowledge. As you read different books, articles, and other documents enable to increase brain thinking capicity from different ideas frim those books.
2. Improve language capacity. Reading different books face different vocabulary that seems to be difficult you become to be familiar with them. Therefore it enable you to improve language skills from what you ready.
3. Enable us to keep memory. However read books enable our brain remember very fast.
4. Source of income to people. Reading enabled people to generate a lot of income by selling books, opening of library where people going to study.
5. Give us new ideas. Reading of books and other text enable us to get new ideas that can be used in our daily life.
6. Trigger of successes. Also reading of books can be a key to success since reading of books of succeeded people can give you challenges, failure they pass through and how changed them to success.




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