Saturday, August 25, 2018

BOT: Descriptions About Symbols On Tanzania Note and Coins

There have been debates about the existing symbol or logo in Tanzania's money, in particular the symbol of the snake appearing at a 500 Tanzania shilling note. The Bank of Tanzania wishes to provide the following definition: 

Manufacture of countries' note and coins starts after completion of the architectural process and the relevant financial drawings. The architecture refers to, diagrams and symbols that correspond to the respective countries. In fulfilling the role of deciding what to use or not being used in making money, the position of the people is considered. In the country, the Bank of Tanzania plays a major role in the decisions.

The most common symbols in the world's most popular information and coins are pictures of prominent people, pictures showing economic activities, natural resources such as mountains and lakes, tall buildings and animals.  Logo, symbols and drawings in the note and coins have a real meaning in avoiding misconceptions that may occur. 

It is the responsibility of the Bank of Tanzania to ensure that photographs, drawings and symbols that bring insolence are avoided. The level of education and manner of managing money contributes to the financial status of its funds. It should be how the money has its markings and that it's easy to recognize.

Thus, the mark of the snake attached to the rod that appears and in the note of 500 shillings, means the provision of health services. This is an indication of the universal treatment services that are being used almost all over the world, including local and international health institutions. The Bank of Tanzania put the same symbol on a 500 shilling  to highlight the importance of the government's health care. 

Access to health services for citizens, including children, is a matter that is given priority to the Government. This is clearly evident in the government budget allocation where the health sector receives adequate funding. 

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24 August 2018



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