Monday, August 20, 2018

Diva Need Help Of 7,000 US Dollar For Treatment

Today 20,August, 2018. The famous radio broadcaster, Diva thee Bawse who launch her radio segment called "ALA ZA ROHO" in Clouds Fm, start campaign that will help her to get $ 7,000 for the treatment of a hydrosalpinx disease that is expected to be treated abroad as she does not currently have the amount. money.
Through her instagram's page she has exposed the problem that disturbs her and hence her not get child for a long time.
Diva said she was disturbed by a disease known as Bilateral Cornual Block where doctors have said that the problem of getting a baby in a normal way is not easy and her treatment takes place abroad.
So he has asked for 7,000 US dollar from people equivalent to Tshs. 15 million Tanzania shillings for treatments
Diva said he decided to open the problem without shame or fear because it is possible that many who are suffering from the problem and need help.
Diva has asked anyone who is can contribute through her Tigo Pesa number, the numbers of Tigo Pesa she has placed on her page of Instagram. @divatheebawse
Diva has also written the message with great frustration because she has been looking a child for long time without success.



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