Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Life Of Bodaboda in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania

Many young people missing jobs in the Dar es salaam city are forced to be self-employed and some of them are forced to involve in driving motorcycle for passenger operations where transport them from one to a other in Dar es salaam , Here is a life-style that affects the motorcycle drivers famous like "BODABODA" in Tanzania.
Successes of motorcycle drivers in Dar es salaam are:-
  • Enable them to run a family.
  • Build housing.Thus motorcycle leads them to own their own good house.
  • Source of basic such as shelter,clothes and food.
  • Source of capital to invest in other business.
In addition, the major challenges are faced by those motorcycle drivers are the following below:-
  • Robbery, 
  • Accidents, 
  • Dangers, and other events that are at stake.