People admire successes but they are not ready to struggle to reach their goals in lofe. The following are Seven symptoms that a people shows that they will be too late to succeed in life 
  1. People who have money to buy vouchers and join bundles of week and month, money to buy clothes but do not have the money to buy a book that will add knowledge. 
  2. People wbo use A lot of time in WhatsApp to watch movies, read magazines and hit football stats or artists but do not have time to read things about his profession or the books to increase his skills 
  3. Those who see the successful ones accused of stealing or 'freemason' or who are lucky in life 
  4. He or she always loves to justify his or her own defenses, criticize the economy, the parents, the government or the subdivision 
  5. He or she always feels he knows better than anyone else and does not want to learn from others. They speak too much than listen others in advice.
  6. Whenever he entered uses, telling saving or investing says wait inherit more, will begin tomorrow.
  7. People who knows so many things, knows working on the story of achievement, reading books but does not work or working on very little in what he knew.

Do , do you agree with those symptoms? Do you have any of the symptoms? Let your comments following page below.

NOTE: Decide to change or do if you know there is tomorrow