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Recruitment Portal User Manual for Jobs Application and Notification

Tips for System Users
The proper use of the Recruitment Portal will simplify, improve value for money and enhance Good Governance in recruitment process for Public Service in Tanzania. Therefore all users must ensure that they 
use the system with integrity. Make sure that you have scanned copies of all your certificates in pdf format so 
as enable you to complete the process of completing your profile.

The objective of Recruitment Portal is to improve the mode of application for all applicants applying for vacancies through President’s Office Public Service Recruitment Secretariat (PO-PSRS) by introducing a portal (Online application System) whereby, the 
applicants can register, create profiles, apply for available vacancies and get the feedback on their application status.

Home Page
In your webbrowser type in and click go to start your application journey. This will bring you to the portal’s home page.
The following features are found at the homepage.
  • Vacancies – Displays the list of all vacancies, the list can be filtered based on job description, job category, opening date and closed date Application general 
  • conditions – This shows all the conditions which applicants should comply with.
  • Register – This is where a user register and create an account on the recruitment portal before apply for a vacancy
  • Log in – This allows user to log in to an existing account, complete profile make application(s) and subscribe to job alerts. 
  • Home – Return you to the home page
  • My Profile – allows user to get back to Dashboard from the Home page 
  • Log Out– user quits from the system
  • My application – This shows applicant’s applications history
  • Feedback – Users can use the Feedback link to communicate in case they encounter any issue/problem that need attention/ clarifications from the administrator.
Creating an Account
I. Click on the ‘Register’ link on the recruitment portal home page.
II. You will be asked to provide your email address and password.(which will be used as a username and password respectively 
during log in to the system)
III. Click the tab ‘Register’ to continue with the process. ponsibilities, Salary Scale and all other relevant information.
IV. Confirm the password to make sure it entered correctly. Upon successful creation of an account, you will receive a confirmation email through the email address you have provided with a link to activate your account. Please ensure you register with a secure and individual email address which you regularly check. You will only need to register once and make applications across multiple available vacancies in the portal. Please ensure that you keep your password safe and secure.Registration Successful message
NOTE: Only activated account will be usable, if you don’t find the email confirmation in your inbox, please try to check it in your junk folder (spam)

Signing In
using the email address and password entered during registration.
Forgot password

  • If you have forgotten your password, use the ‘Forgotten your password?’ function. 
  • Enter your email address and press ‘Submit’. If that email address has been registered on the system then an email will be sent with a temporary password that you can use to log in to the system. 
  • Enter your email address and the temporary password into the sign-in fields and, if successful, the system will ask you to update the password.
  • Please note that, passwords stored in recruitment portal are encrypted and cannot be retrieved directly. If you are requesting password information the password will be reset and then emailed.
  • If you have not received your password within 60 minutes, please check your spam/junk folders.

After sign-in you will be taken to the applicant Dashboard. The top menu will contain the links to access the Home Page, Vacancies, My Applications, Register to Job Alerts, Change Password, log out and Feedback. You can return to the Dashboard at any point (provided you are signed in).

Applicant Profile
Profile information that will be used to form applicant CV and be used at the point of application incorporates the details filled in the following tabs: Personal details, Contact Details, Academic, Qualification, Professional Qualification, Language Proficiency, Working Experience, Training &Workshop Attended, Computer 
Literacy, Referees, Other Attachments and Declaration.
The applicant completed their profile properly are far more likely to be considered to the next step (shortlisted), so make sure your profile is complete to increase your chance, system tracks your profile 
completion (percentage of completion) automatically while you fill the details in the mentioned tabs above, the details can be filled anytime regardless there are some vacancies or not, the percent of your profile completion can be seen on the Dashboard. 
During the process of filling profile forms you may be asked to upload supporting document to be used on your applications. You are advised to convert all the documents to PDF format that is the widely supported format in the recruitment portal.

Personal Details
The personal details tab, as shown below will include the applicants names, gender, nationality, date and place of birth etc. The applicant has to fill in all of the fields so as to save the details.

How to Apply.
1. From the main menu, select ‘Vacancies’.
2. Search for a specific vacancy using any combination of the search keyword or Category filters, if you are not logged in, you will be required to log in first then apply for chosen post.
3. On more details tab you will find all the details concerning a particular post, these details include, Qualifications, Duties and Responsibilities, Salary Scale and all other relevant information.
4. Click on a chosen vacancy to view full vacancy details and apply, following theon screen instructions displayed. After the deadline, the job will remain visible for the period of seven (7) days but the applicant will not be able to apply for a job. Please note, the system will mark ‘CLOSED’ for vacancies that have already closed and applicants will not be able to apply. My Applications “My Applications” This tab displays all applications activity associated with applicant’s account. Options are provided to filter your list of applications.

Jobs Alert
The system sends Email and SMS notification/alerts to applicants when there are new vacancies posted, call for interview, placements or any other reasons that prompt the administration to do so.

Note: Alerts for a new available v a c a n c y  r e q u i r e s applicant to subscribe. The email address and Mobile number provided during re g i s t ra t io n process will be used to send email and SMS notification to applicant.
To register to job alerts use the ‘Register to Job Alerts’ link in the main menu, select job category that you wish to subscribe and method of alerts delivery ( SMS, Email or Both) then click subscribe, also dial through mobile phone *152*01# and follow the instructions.

Academic Qualifications
In this tab, the applicant is required to fill in their academic qualifications which includes the different academic levels such as O-level and A-level secondary education, certificate, diploma, advanced diploma, degree, postgraduate diploma, masters, doctorals and others that they may have attained and the particulars associated with each levels. Please note, the original academic certificates need to be scanned and saved individually in pdf format as they are added individually. The below window will open, giving the applicant the option of filling in the different education levels as appropriate.

Maktaba Complex, 2nd Floor
27 Bibi Titi Mohamed Road 
P. O. Box 63100,
11102, Dar es Salaam
Tel: 022 21 53517, Fax 022 21 53518
Zanzibar Liaison Office
Shangani, Unguja
P. O. Box 1272, Zanzibar

Government Communication Unit
Mobile: +255 687 624975

Help Desk
For support contact PO-PSRS Recruitment Portal help desk Team:-
Tell - +255 784 398 259
E-mail: through feedback button on

System Overview
This system has been designed in order to simplify the application processes for job seekers as well as. improving transparency in the  recruitment process for Public Service in Tanzania. System Users:-
Able to create an Account in the system, the Applicant will also be  able to attach necessary document such as Academic certificate, to view the advertised post, to Apply the post advertised, View his  application, View and Print CV and to Subscribe and Unsubscribe 
to new job notifications. Expert; Different experts with special skills and knowledge will be able to create account and to attach different documents such as certificates of activities they conducted. Guest;
Guest are the system user who have not yet registered in the system but can view all advertised post, subscribe and unsubscribe to new job notifications.





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