Saturday, August 18, 2018

Tanzania government allow person to have only one SIM Card.

The government of Tanzania said it would begin to control SIM card  of the phone, so registration of SIM card will involve use fingerprints if someone wishes to register a SIM card more than one will have to fill out the form to explain why he or she wants a second SIM card. 
This has been said by Deputy Minister for Communications and Transport, Atashasta Nditiye, said he would be in partnership with National Identity Card Authority (NIDA) through National Identities. 
Also continue saying that someone wants to register the second SIM Card. 
The network companies such as Tigo, Airtel, Vodacom, Halotel TTCL and so on will see him or her and know that he or she already has the first SIM card, so he/ she must fill out a specific form to explain why he wants a second SIM card.
In addition, the Deputy Minister has said that before this year end SIM card will begin to be sold in the official stores and the registered people will be taken fingerprints and photographs.