Thursday, August 23, 2018

Things to know when Joining With University Life.

Doing so will help you identify you as a person and what you agree with. Most of the people who first know you will be forced to follow your position.

Those with nervous behavior, ridicule, and other factors will consider two times to start if they realize that you are the opposite. The delay in showing your position will soon make you a slave to begin making a new position when your friends are accustomed to showing you their position.


1. Do not find friends, let them come.
Here I beg you to insist that, direct contact friends are not like facebook and twitter friends you can have even thousands and do not worry about it. These are people who see you in your essence, they know everything about you. They know your abilities, weaknesses, secrets, and plans. And worse, not everyone is safe for you.
There are those who like to use it for their benefit and are already over. Those who want to follow will always go for anything. There are things that you do not even know about humans.
Let a real friend come to you. True dating is the One who agrees with your real situation is not Facebook and twitter. Doing so will help you to have a friend who is not a burden, a tailor or an obstacle on your trip.

2. Be ready to loose.
Once a consistency (consistence), you can get into the tragedy of losing some of the items. The first thing you will lose is the great number of people who will be around you. That's why many people like to be close to people who are very easy. "Even you you probably want to be close to someone who agrees with you for everything you want or do ". There are some opportunities for having a small number of fans etc. However, this situation will help you to ensure that everyone who comes to you be friendly or whatever he or she agrees with. yours.

3  Study people's manner Or behaviour.
In the first half you should read the behavior of the people before doing anything. You can do this by trying to communicate with everyone who is close to you without expressing the need to need it.
It is very easy to deal with people as you understand their behavior. Doing so will help you to understand people who are distressed and those who are useful to you. Those who are slanderers, hypocrites, thieves, and other vulnerable ones will recognize them during this period.
Unknowing people is easy to change or to get into trouble. These problems may include dismissal of school or college or loss that you will not be able to restore. These problems include strife, robbery, drunkenness, fraudulence, and so on.

4. Be cool or polite for everything.
The first time people meet in the most formal collections, they usually have the kind of person they want to show who he is. But in this period everyone has to pull out the cucumbers here and there, especially for those living in hostel or private homes. Try to cross through this period without being taken by the winds of the sparks.
If you're going to stay in that stability it will help you to keep a picture of just one kind of education on your head. Knowing that the act of dealing with many things here at first, it may allow other things outside education to take place directly into your knowledge. And if will have enough energy then, they can make the education issue stay in the second place. That can lead you discontinue in university.

5. Pretend to be person of lower class even if you are position is higher class.
Honorable is the one that is honored without any cost. It's a real honor to do so if you want it to be lost. Remember that everyone likes to be respected. And no one loses his time to build another person's honor to see them as nothing because they do not like to feel nothing will hate your behavior, they hate your behavior they will hate you even have certainly seen someone deserving of dignity but no one is shocking. Most of them will discover it is because of their pretending behaviors even though they are really capable.

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