Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Top ten followed Instagram accounts August 2018

Serena Gomez still lead a celebrity with many followers in instagram in list of most followed instagram account, thus she know as queen of instagram
see the list of top ten followed people in instagram in August 2018.

1.SERENA GOMEZ @selenagomez
This has more than 140 million followers in her account of instagram.

This juventus player follow after Serena gomez. He has about 139 million followers in instagram. You can call he a King of Instagram.

3.ARIANA GRANDE @arianagrande
She has 125 million follower in her Instagram account.

4.BEYONCÉ @beyonce
She has 117 million follower in her Instagram

5.KIM KARDASHIAN WEST @kimkardashian
West's Instagram account has 115 million followers.

6.KYLIE JENNER @kyliejenner
She has 113 million followers in instagram account.

Dwayne Johnson's account has about 112 million followers.

8.TAYLOR SWIFT @taylorswift
Taylor's Instagram account has 111 million followers.

9.JUSTIN BIERBER @justinbieber
Bieber account has more than 102 million followers in instagram.

10.KENDA JENNER @kendalljenner
Jenner's account has more than 93.9 million followers.

NOTE It's updated in Thursday 14 August 2018