Saturday, September 1, 2018

Join Instructions To Join With Teachers College 2018

Tanzania's History of Education The mainland has been divided into two parts that are before and after independence. Prior to the arrival of strangers on the shores of Tanganyika, each tribe had its own traditional education system. Traditionally, it is based on the daily procedures of different ethnic groups. Education consisting of knowledge, skills, ethics, culture, good practice practices and procedures and the protection of the epidemics of hunger, disease and enemies of social security and their possessions were transmitted from one generation to another. Learning things were split apart and released by adults at home, at work and in other aspects of life. This system began to change its goals and delivery since the colonial invaders entered the country.The responsibilities of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology are: -
  • Implementation of Education Policy, Science, Research, Library Services, Science, Technology, Design and Promotion of Vocational Training;
  • Developing the Basic for Teaching and Professional Development of Teachers;
  • Identifying Talents and Developing;
  • Managing Training Promotion at Community Development Colleges;
  • manage the National Prize Framework;
  • Identify Country Requirements in Skills and Developments;
  • Setting Professional Teaching Standards;
  • Managing the Task Force and School Control;
  • Manage Educational Publications Services;
  • Support / Strengthening Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics;
  • Developing Internal Specialists in Science, Technology and Creation;
  • research in science and technology;
  • Promotion of Resources and Increasing Staff under the Ministry; with coordinate Departmental Activities, Organizations, Agencies, Programs and Projects under the Ministry.



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