The Tanzania University Commission (TCU) announces the public that it has completed the qualification of applicants qualified by Higher Education Institutions for the year 2018/19. List of applicants' names submitted by the university   have been updated to the university as well as the results of the verification so that specific university can advertise the names of their respective. 
However, in those lists are applicants who have been selected  by more than one college. Their listings and colleges are found  through the 
Commission website www.tcu.go.tzIn addition, applicants have been informed of their rights through a brief message posted on the handheld numbers that they used during the submission of applications to join the relevant universities.
The Commission wishes to announce to all those who have been required more than one college to justify advocacy in one college only the applicant who wishes to join. The requester should follow the following procedure: 
1) Copying a special code (s) sent via the message to his phone; 
2) Using password (password) to enter its profile in the form of academic  preferences between what he or she has been required; 
3) To incorporate a specific number of college qualifications to prove its eligibility in the college; and 
4) To confirm his or her eligibility in one college before September 5, 2018.
The Commission wishes to emphasize that, if the applicant fails to prove his or her eligibility in the scheduled time, he will lose his position and be forced to re-apply in subsequent phases. 
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