Saturday, November 10, 2018

HESLB: 4,161Allocated For Loans Third Batch ( 3 BATCH) 2018/2019

Higher Higher Education Board has provided a list of Third Phase with 4,161 Students of the First Year who successfully benefited from getting loans and thus making a total of 32,090 creditors who have been loaned up to now

Click here to see the list. In addition, this list has been posted to the relevant students.
The amount of TZS 427.5 billion has been allocated for loans for all students, first year and continuous students.
HESLB emphasizes credit applicants who have not been credited, especially those who have recently completed the debt or registration continue to be patient when completing the next list of credit providers.
The information will continue to be released periodically via the media and this Board's website.

For First And Second Batch Click Picture Below To Download names in PDF




  1. naomba kujua kwa wale ambayo Hawaii wamepata mkopo asilimia ngapi itakuaje jaman nixaidie

    1. HESLB WANASEMA "Orodha ya majina kwa waliopangiwa mikopo pamoja na mchanganuo wa kiasi alichopangiwa kila mwanafunzi, hutumwa vyuoni walikodahiliwa kwa kuthibitisha udahili wao."
      Ukienda chuo utauliza watakutajia asilimia ulizopata

  2. Helsb mtuangalie na tuliokwenfa jkt.sera zenu zutabakia Sera bubu mlituhakikishia kuw walioenda jkt ndo watapew kipaumbele kupata chuo na mkopo lkn hamjatekeleza Hilo..dah kwel life so fair kabisa asee

  3. Vp wanatoa lin batch 3 jaman vyuoni huku mambo hayaendi kabisa

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