Thursday, December 13, 2018

Deputy Minister orders District Engineer To Be Caught

Deputy Minister of Water and Irrigation, Jumma Aweso has ordered police force in Pangani district to catch the district Engineer Novat Wilson due to failure to manage and finalize the MSEKO Water Supply project in Ubangaa ward.

Deputy Prime Minister Aweso's action has come after visiting the project which had to be completed since September this year but has not yet been completed.

Aweso said after complaining from the people about the water supply challenge he gave instructions to the council's experts to undertake a project evaluation and then requested $ 8 million for a project where the ministry increased and gave 81 million after discovering the area is huge but despite the funding released until now the project has not yet completed.

Some of the Citizens and Officials have said that failure to complete the project in time has led them to fetch water in the Pangani River which has many crocodiles where some people have been eaten