Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Dr Ali Mohammed Shein ask Young To Use Opportunities Of Kiswahili

Zanzibar President and Chairman of the Revolutionary House, Dr Ali Mohammed Shein has asked young people to use the Swahili language better to be a leaven to give them jobs.

He said this when launching the second international Swahili-language conference and insisting that there were various local and international institutions that needed Swahili-speaking professionals, so it is best for young people to use the opportunity.

President Dr. Shein said, Countries like South Africa and others have announced to start using Swahili in their studies and to ask pupils present for universities to take advantage of the opportunity.

He said that the initiative contributes to promoting the language and urging the authorities to form a targeted institution for Swahili development and to require existing institutions to develop Kiswahili and an excellent program that will help promote the language.

The second international language meeting of Swahili is involve more than 200 Swahili stakeholders from nine countries.