Thursday, December 20, 2018

Fastjet Increase Three Airplanes In Tanzania

If I still do not know about Fastjet's life in Tanzania after the Aviation Authority (TCAA) terminates its operation, the company has promised to import another flight this week.

Speaking yesterday via Clouds TV, CEO Laurent Masha said that this Saturday the company will umport one plane and then launch two larger airplanes.

"After completing a new airplane on Saturday, we expect to introduce two other Boeing 737-500 aircraft to increase our journey. So, we will remove the challenge of postponement, "said Masha.

"All importing flights will be registered here in Tanzania. And as the demand for aircraft increases, we expect to buy two other Bombardier....."he added.

Fastjet Tanzania, which owned 45 percent of the airline market in the country, recently collapsed with the breach. The economic blow has hit the agency that has been working successfully for almost seven years in the country, which caused TCAA to order Fastjet flights not to transport passengers.

Masha said they are continuing to negotiate with the Authority so that they can be allowed to start selling their tickets.