Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Fiesta Will Be Conducted Before This Year End

Finally the owner of the Clouds Media Group, Joseph Kusaga, said the Fiesta Festival's peak that met with a postponement crisis several weeks ago would take place before this year's end, ie this month.

Speaking in a special interview with Clouds FM in celebrating the 19th anniversary of the center, Grinding said he made efforts to ensure that the concert was conducted including talking with various government officials and eventually reaching President John Magufuli.

According to the Kusaga, the talks produced more fruit and believe that the challenge has changed into the festival for the festival and other events in the country.

"Sometimes problems can produce good. Because I had the opportunity to speak to the border with Mr. President telling him that maybe the scene is not right. Because concerts are growing, there is a Great Music, Clean, Summer Jam and I'm told it comes back. So there will be up to 10 concerts a year and you can not block it, "said Kusaga.

The salesman said he had presented an idea for building a local stadium for various religious, political and leisure events to avoid the emerging challenge through the Fiesta Festival.

"It has been announced to the Regional Head, to the Mayor and to the President ... that we look particularly like Clouds to find a specific area of ​​building a stadium (inner stadium) which can accommodate even 10,000 to 15,000 people. You can be used for concerts, all religious meetings. There is no part now, "he said and emphasized that in cooperation with his stakeholders they are able to build the local stadium.

At another point, Kusaga who did not mention the special date of the festival, said he was not benefiting from the festival and that they are doing it with the goal of moving music ahead.

He stressed that he and all the party's  members, who are over 15, are aware that there is no financial advantage they receive through the bigger festival, as many think.

This year, the Kinondoni Municipal Council stopped the Fiesta Festival at the Leaders' stadiums and directed that the festival be held at the Tanganyika Packers Stadium in Kawe, Dar es Salaam.

Following the instructions, the Fiesta Committee announced the postponement of the festival because they said they were out of their capacity. Today, Kusaga has made it clear that they can not use the Tanganyika Packers field because they have many challenges.