Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Fifth Government Of JPM on Employment In Three Years

The Employment Secretariat in Public Service was established in 2009 for the Service Act Public No. 8 of 2002 as amended by law No. 18 of 2007, section 29 (1)
for operating the Government Employment process to provide them with other job opportunities to implement its basic principles as set out in "instruments" and the law established those institutions.
In addition to the other, the main function of the instrument is to declare the workplace openly which occur in Public Service after obtaining the work of a permit that is used by the Office President, Public Administration for Multi-Government Employees Once they receive it, they submit the Secretariat of Employment as defined requirements for times, numbers and
The attributes of the employee are required according to the preparation of the services in the relevant Institution and The Employment Secretariat is currently implementing the labor force job on behalf of the labor force Of these Employees.
Since the Government of the five-phase government has been in power, the Secretariat of Employment has managed to implement issues A lot but at our meeting today I will say three places that are; -

  1. Operation of the Employment System is to fill out the role of work in the Public Service;
  2. Strengthening Information System and Technology Communication (TEHAMA) in running the Employment Process;
  3. Control of applicants unappreciative work in Public Works together certified forgery.

In government leadership phase 5 under the President of the United Republic of Tanzania Dr. John Alcohol Pure, Labor Secretariat has been a major contributor to continuing search resources and attributes to satisfy the needs of the state. You will recall amongst the promises About Hon. President John Pombe Pursuant through 2015 of the Revolutionary Party (CCM) 2015 Increased employment for young people in the Public Works and Other Works by Manufacturing where access to the Natural Resources is one of the largest stimulus of the country in our economy or in the middle of the economy, which aims to open many work opportunities in the country. Since the fifth government entered into power in November 2015 to December 15, 2018,
The Employment Secretariat has announced a total of 6,554 vacancies for the Ministry, Department, Agencies, Regional Secretariat, Municipalities, Councils and Institutions of Education Above the total number of 594,300 applications were received and performed where more 140,000 applicants were called on.
In addition, up to 15/12/2018 total of 6,099 open space posts are filled with total
The 455 posts announced between November and December, 2018, are continuing and is expected to be completed soon. Along with those I would like to know that there are servants who have been employed by the Government through
Office of the President, Regional Administration and Local Government (EMPLOYMENT) in Health and Teachers.
Where over the past three years total 24,728 Healthcare staff have been employed by on the side of the Teachers, Staff employed in the government are 40,086. However, this ad is possible increase in this financial year 2018/19 for employees who will be hired in cash teachers, health workers as well as staff of defense and security instruments whose system of employment performed by the relevant authorities.
In view of the number of employment permits granted is obviously Hon. President Magufuli said He wants his Government to bring us into the Central Economy / Industry has been implementing it practical since he has been in power.
As we understand the implementation of the employment process also affects the Union's jobs, in A three-year period The Employment Secretariat has expanded its operations to opening the Zanzibar Office in the Shangani area to simplify the coordination of the Union's joint ventures
and to move the services closer to its stakeholders with a view to reducing their risk to cost travel, timetable and accommodation for Employment Opportunities applicants in Zanzibar. Compatible with that
we have been able to visit various employers within and outside the Government to consult with them
exchange experiences in Employment issues. In addition, we have been able to meet with College Students
Ten (10) Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar and provide them with education on Employment issues including building
The ability to understand the use of the systems we set up for registration during submission
application application.

The fifth phase government invested in the use of TEHAMA to simplify service delivery
effective. In promoting the same Employment Secretariat has used the opportunity to improve its services
through TEHAMA and establishing an electronic application for job applications known as "Portal Recruitment" available at the portal.ajira.go.tz address. This system started in 2014/2015 until December 15, 2018 more than 300,500 people have been registered with work applications submitted through this system are more than 594,200. This system has had tremendous success as it has helped reduce the employment process from ninety days 90 to 52 days, to reduce the applicants' complaints about the loss of their job application letters, reduced the amount of space to keep the job application documents. Other achievements of this system are as well as reducing government costs and applicants, has helped to improve the handling of information by The overall performance has been productive and the aim of the institution is to continue to reduce the operating days of the process of employment.

In implementing the exercise  the non-qualified applicants have helped prevent them from since when they submit their information and to the applicants for the accreditation of the Secretariat of employment has continued
inspect their documents including their certificates appropriately to ensure that employees employed in the government are those qualified and certified certificates in accordance with the Act. Between 2015-2018 total copies of certificates
18,817 applicants were submitted to the relevant authorities and issuing certificates for verification, in certificates of total 18,112 and 706 certificates were certified as certification forgery.
Dear brothers,  thank you for coming to me and listening to your contribution in educating and promoting Public, for no matter even advertising announcements that we will announce each when it would not reach targeted people. My office is open to any author who wants to know the process of employment being conducted in Public Service, do not hesitate to search for or use our unit contact anytime so that you can continue to provide accurate and timely information about the operation Government Employment issues.



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