Thursday, December 20, 2018

GEITA:MAJINA YA WANAFUNZI WALIOCHAGULIWA KUJIUNGA KIDATO CHA KWANZA 2019 GEITA Region | The List of Student Selected to Join Form One-F1 for 2019 academic year.

Overview: Tanzania has a long history of Local Government, going back to the pre-colonial days. The purpose of taking cognisance of the history of Local Government in Tanzania is to look at where we came from with the view of improving the present and the future. There are many lessons to learn from the various episodes of the evolution of Local Government in the country. Nevertheless, it can be said that since Independence, the Government has been taking deliberate steps to improve the effectiveness and effi ciency of Local Government culminating into the current Local Government Reform Programme

To See Full Advert about Students Selected to Join Form One for Academic year 2019 in GEITA Region please open the links below to download PDF Files:



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