Thursday, December 20, 2018

Higher Paying Jobs In Tanzania | Kazi zenye mishahara minono zaidi TZ 

Although employers earn different income from the institutions, the companies they work with the participating professions, the study has shown two more paying jobs in Tanzania as a financial management and insurance profession.

A study report conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in mainland Tanzania has shown that the lowest level of salary workers in the financial and insurance industry has risen from 1.198 million in 2015 to Sh1.388 million in 2016 .

It has been said that the industry provides better wages than other industry experts, a situation that causes employers to increase salary levels to attract qualified employees.

"For example, there is only one university college in Tanzania that offers a degree of insurance issues. Employers are always competing to find a few of them, "Britam Insurance Company's Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Lokonyo, commented on the report.

The report officially released last week shows that workers involved in the administrative sector, community protection are in the second highest position in Tanzania where they have a salary average between Shs.293 million in 2016 while rising from Sh997, 058 per year 2015.

In addition, the report noted that the sector involved in accommodation and food services was the tail that had a minimum salary for employees.

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Employees in the sector received an average of Sh200,881 in 2016, with the rate increased by Shs.159,753 in 2015.

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There is still a great difference between salaries between men and women in general where men seem to be more likely to be women.



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