Thursday, December 20, 2018

How To Contact With your Former Boss

Your old boss should not just stay in your history. During this period the new opportunity depends on the relationships and suggestions from people who have good reputation, being in contact with your former boss is important.

He is familiar with many people, he knows your career history and can prove your skills and abilities when you need an identity somewhere. You may seem self-centered if you keep silent for a while and come to look for help. It's all right to look for someone just in trouble.

While it is important to keep in touch, you need to be careful at your contact point with your former employer to avoid misunderstandings.

1.Be Happy During Holidays or Special Day

Cards are an important way to show that you care about and remember someone. Prepare a special card for your former boss to remember the important day such as' Seeking 'Happy Birthday' or 'Happy New Year', once a year. Consider sending a non-reliant religious card if you do not know well about her religion and make sure your message is clear so as to avoid misunderstandings.

2. Contact him in Social Networks

Social networks are the easiest way to communicate with your former boss. Select the correct network to connect to them and use normal and professional relationships just to contact them.

Fill on the type of relationship you grew up with before leaving your workplace so that you do not cross the boundaries. This will help you find the right network to connect with you. If some networks such as Facebook and Instagram seem to be more personal, consider connecting with them to more professional networks like LinkedIn.

3. Report Information on the Important Events of Your Life

It's not a bad idea to thank your former boss for anything that led you to get there. Call me some times to notify you that you have been promoted, migrated to another region / country, or changed your name and address.

You can also invite him to your important life events such as weddings or gratitude every year. This is a great way to thank you and can be an integral part of your future career opportunities.

4. Beware of Key Articles That Will Benefit Him

You can make your boss see you care and remember by using the relevant articles and publications you will encounter online. Send a link to a link with a good article, while writing a short message such as 'News Booth, I think you will be very interested in this article.'

Remember to make your email short enough to make sure there is a correct balance between your articles and your need to contact them.

5. Invite Meal Lunch or Visit Your Past Office

If your new job is located in the same city, you can invite your former boss to lunch or coffee cup at the restaurant once a year. It's a great way to talk a lot and get the best advice on your job. If your new job is in a different region, the day you have the opportunity to visit the region where your existing office is, then search for space to pass on.

It is also a great opportunity to meet your old colleagues, and to exchange a lot



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