Tuesday, December 4, 2018

IGP Sirro Make Changes In Police Force Of Tanzania

Chief of the Police Force Tanzania, the IGP Simon Sirro has made a change in the army and converted their post office including RPC of Mtwara Lucas Mkondya.

Speaking to journalists in Dar es Salaam, former police commander in Mwanza, Ahmed Msangi, who has now become the Head of the Military Police Relations Unit, replacing Police Spokesperson Barnabas Mwakalukwa, saying the change is normal.

"Former Police Spokesperson Barabbas Mwakalukwa, he goes as Coastal  Commander while Coastal commander now go to the Mtwara region RPC to replace Lucas Mkondya transferred to the Unit of Criminal Injury Dar es Salaam , "Said Sirro

However, at the same point, Commander Msangi has warned the local magistrates who use the Congolese to stop immediately by all the military commanders in the country who have been given instructions regarding those who are going against legal and procedures of Our country.

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