Monday, December 3, 2018

KENYA: People Have To Walk Toward City Center

Nairobi senator in Kenya, Mike Sonko defended the government's decision to ban the "daladala" in the center of the city, claiming that it will help people to practice strengthening their health.

Thousands of people today have had to travel long distances in the area, after "daladala" end in the terminals in new centers, far from central city centers as ordered by the Government.

Speaking earlier, Governor Sonko said that from now on, many people will save a lot of money they spend on special training centers, and help those who do not go to practice.

"From Muthurwa to CBD is walking a minute , most people do not go to practice centers." We need people to practice, "said Sonko.

He added that he had communicated with President Uhuru Kenyatta through the telephone and agreed that he would bring special buses for carrying people with disabilities when they were dropped in three new centers
The government has said it should prevent "watatu" from entering the city center to reduce density.Nearly 20,000 vehicles have been operating in the city.
However, many people have complained about the act of claiming that their movement is too long and that they will not succeed in work at home.



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