Saturday, December 22, 2018

Ludewa Started To Benenif From Telecommunication

Residents around Lake Nyasa in Ludewa District Njombe Region After staying without telecommunication for many years since the creation of the World, they have finally found hope after the Government started the construction of eight towers in the area.

Speaking about the construction of the towers, some of the Lake Nyasa Regional Councilors said the construction of the telecommunication tower would be a major solution to communication issues in the region.

The Councillors have named the villages where the Government is building the tower through Halotel Company which are villages of Nindi and Ntumbati in Lupingu County, Ndoa and Kimata county of Makonde, Kilondo and Nsele County Kilondo and Lumbila Village and Nkanda in Lumbar County where the Village of Lifuma will depend on Contacts from Nearby villages.

In addition, the leaders together with their People on Lake Nyasa have congratulated the Fiveth Phase Government of the President of the United Republic of Tanzania Dr. John Pombe Pursuit to Continue Listening to the Lerowa People's problems  through Their Member of Parliament, Deo Ngalawa and to resolve those problems.

However, the Government Provided Money for Road Repair from Lumbila Through Kijombo Village in Makete to Ludewa Urban District along with Strengthening the Health Service to repair Mlangali, Makonde and Manda Health Centers as well as Construction of New Health Centers in each Ward.