Saturday, December 22, 2018

Nkana FC Need Suppprt From Yanga Fans

NKANA FC is aware that Yanga has so many fans in Tanzania that is why they decided to use them by asking them to fill the National Stadium tomorrow on Sunday so that they can not support their former defender Hassan Kessy in the game against Simba SC.

Simba tomorrow Sunday will be Nkana residents in the African Champions League game, in the first game last week in Kitwe Zambia, Nkana won 2-1 goals.

Kessy who is currently playing Nkana has also played Simba and later Yanga before this season joining the Zambians.


Through Facebook social networking, the Nkana FC has asked Yanga fans to suppprt their team from its campaign to win the Champions League game against Simba Fc due to the presence of Kessy who served Yanga Sc.

The statement said: "Dear fans of Yanga are currently let being a family, join us in this weekend  at Dar es Salaam for giving Nkana suppprt to get rid of the  African Champions League against Simba Sc at National Stadium.

"But Yanga fans remember Kessy is also a kid from their land, give him support this weekend," said the statement.



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