Thursday, December 20, 2018

RC Paul Makonda Invite Opposition Leaders Join CCM

Dar es Salaam Regional Head, Paul Makonda said he wishes by 2020 all Dar-es-Salaam provinces have returned to the party of CHAMA CHA MAPINDUZI (CCM) because he has been receiving a lot of MPs from the Democratic Party and Development (CHADEMA) wanting to join CCM.

He said it in Dar es salaam during the launch of Salenda Bridge construction, where he said that tomorrow there were MPs and many councilors from Chadema have been requesting to join CCM.

"What happened to Temeke is repentance, Ukonga is repentance, what happened to Kinondoni is repentance and in the ward there are so many sincere repentance being done, for this 2020 genius it will be understood." Said Makonda

However, he has been asked by many to join the CCM, including the councilors and MPs of Ubungo and Kibamba where they claim to be respondents on the deadline for the joining party has passed but told them to speak to the secretary general to ask if there was a small window registration.



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