Thursday, December 13, 2018

Residents of Lagangelli, Simiyu get fresh and safe water

More than 2000 City Residents of Lagangabilili, Itilima District, Simiyu, have been exposed from a lack of clean and safe water after the completion of a pipeline project cost more than 900 million shillings.

In front of a special team of experts who are monitoring the implementation of some development projects from some ministries led by the Ministry of Finance and Planning, some residents of the Lagangabilili City have thanked the Government for providing them with the water project.

"We thank the Government for bringing us the water that we can get easily, in the past, as we were struggling  the mother frim Simiyu visist far away to fetch water, they were leaving at 10:00 am and returning at 3:00 am," said Chonza Madhuhu, Lagangabilili's resident, Simiyu

Itilima District Engineer Goodluck Masige said the completion of the project has made the level of access to clean and safe water in the city, which is the Headquarters of Itilima District, rising from 20 percent previous to 100%.

"We've built a tanks that takes 225,000 liters, 21 water drainage stations, we have built a 29,000-meter high-speed pipeline network and set one pump to pump water ." spoke Engineer Masige.

The engineer said the remain of the project is to be dedicated to the government by contractor, the M / S Nangai and Engineering Co.Ltd Company, December 30, 2018, being the Cattle trough.

One of the members of the National Water Monitoring Team in Simiyu and Mara regions, Jordan Matonya said the Government's intention is to ensure that projects implemented in various parts of the country are implemented at higher levels and benefiting citizens.



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