Deputy Minister of Energy, Subira Mgalu said the president of the United Republic of Tanzania, Dr. John Pombe Magufuli, has allowed the start of the project for the construction of an electrical project in the waterfalls of Ruhuji river in Njombe region that will generate 358 megawatts, with a view to having a huge amount of energy that will be sold in neighboring countries including Zambia, Kenya and Uganda.

She said when she was giving electricity in four villages undergoing the construction of the Makambako Electrical Project - Speaking with the Ngalanga village, Lyamkena, Ilembela and Magoda village in Njombe district, where she said that the major efforts and decisions taken by the fifth-party government The construction of major electrical projects aims at having a large amount of energy that will be sold to needy neighboring countries.

She said the government has planned by 2020 all 12000 Tanzanian villages to be equipped with electricity and thus open doors to self-employed electricians to begin using their skills to establish projects for national benefit.

"Our government is already planning to introduce a major electrical project in the river Ruhuji falls, this is a great effort made by our president Dr. John Pombe Magufuli and us as an energy ministry we are with him in ensuring that these plans are successful, "said the Mgalu

According to the CCM MP's Njombe Urban MP, Edward Mwalongo said that every citizen should take advantage of the opportunity to register for cheaper costs before preliminary costs were being introduced out and frustrated by the efforts made by the Government in transmitting the services to the people.

As a result, the villagers who have received electricity through the REA plan have said that the coming of electrical energy into their villages will increase the economy rapidly because there have been industries and machines that sometimes fail to work as they are using oil.

More than 120 villages are being reviewed at Makambako's major project - are in the process of the electrical ignition.