Staff of the Secretariat for Public Service should work on the basis of their values

Staff of the Secretariat for Public Service should work on the basis of their values ​​and realize that they are a glass of applicants employed by the Government through the Secretariat, so it is their duty to work on the basis of law enforcement, law, regulations and procedures even for those who serve when employed to be better employees when employed.

Secretary of Employment Secretariat, Mr. Xavier Daudi has said this during a joint session with the staff of the office where he has asked them to be good ambassadors for job printing and flexibility, recognizing that each employee will be assessed from his performance and not otherwise.

"I want you to know that you are the ambassadors of the Secretariat of Employment, and the good ambassador is the one who takes care of the law and fulfills his duties by following the principles of the Law, the Code and the Procedures recognizing that he is the mirror of those who serve him. If you see you can not fulfill your obligations by following the values ​​then the government is not the right place for you it is best to look elsewhere "said David.

David added that their differences with other people should be reflected in their ethical values ​​including accountability, timely care, occupation, confidentiality, equity, equity, creativity, neatness and respect for the Law so those who serve them wish to work in the Government.

As a result, the staff expressed appreciation for the Institute's management by providing regular and regular meeting sessions with staff contributing to the opportunity to discuss existing challenges and to provide joint solutions to continue providing better services for stakeholders and for the benefit of the National.

"I personally have benefited from the many things that the Secretary has done in this session where I believe that I and my colleagues will continue to focus on the basics in our performance, for it is as you said this institution offers the services and many we serve are young people who look at our performance, if we act contrary to our ethics even though they will lose moral values ​​"provided one staff.

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