Saturday, December 15, 2018

TARURA: management, construction, and maintenance of a network of rural and urban roads

Rural and Urban Role Agency (TARURA) is an Agent in the Ministry under the Office of the President of the Regional Regions and Local Government (COMMISSION) which was established in accordance with the Government Agencies Act No. 245 and officially announced in the Government Gazette and 211 dated May 12, 2017. The agency has taken on the responsibilities of implementing in relation to the construction and repairs of the Rural and Urban Roadways that were previously implemented by Local Government Authorities.

The main responsibility of the Agency is the management, construction, and maintenance of a network of rural and urban roads including strengthening road safety, protecting unprotected road reserves and controlling environmental and social impact. In addition to enhancing safety and safeguarding road reserves, the Agency also has the responsibility to protect the road from premature damage to vehicle weight and height, width and depth based on Regulation No. 4 of the Securities Safety Regulations (High Height of Fire / vehicles) of 2001 "The Road Traffic (Maximum Weight of Vehicles) Regulations 2001" under the Road Safety Act, Chapter 168, read together with Section 42 (3) of the Road Act No. 13 of 2007 "The Roads Act, 2007".
We remind consumers to consider the limitations of the weight shown on the roadblocks while transporting cargo through our roads and also invading road reserves.

In addition to fulfilling its obligations, the Agency has financial sources for carrying out its responsibilities as stipulated in the 2017 Agency's establishment document "The Executive Agencies (Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency) Establishment Order, 2017" mainstream, funds from the Road Fund Board, loans and subsidiaries from Development Partners, car parking fees on road reserves, road car hire fees etc .. So TARURA also plays a role in charging fees for automobile parking on road reserves and road use use (eg approving "cable" for communication) including managing road use. In addition, we inform the people that TARURA is not in any way infringed by other Authorities by trucks and before entering the city and municipalities through their rules.
Its responsibility is to manage and control its use of damaged roads before the intended time, to protect road safety invaders, and to enhance security on its roads, in line with the above-mentioned rules.