Saturday, December 22, 2018

TFF Prevent Boban Serving Yanga Sc

WHILE fans of Yanga have desire to see their new player in the field, Haruna Moshi 'Boban', Tanzania Football Federation (TFF), is supposed to prevent the player from serving the team.

Boban joined Yanga recently in a small registration window from African Lyon which also joined it at the beginning of this season from Friends Rangers of the First Class League.

Speaking to us, Boban's manager, Herry Mzozo, said the TFF has prevented Boban from serving Yanga from it's recent orders to all the league teams have not to use the registered local players in the small registration window until the Constitutional Committee, the Law and the status of players to meet and through the registration.

He said if not, then Boban would begin to serve Yanga in the Premier League game  on Sunday against Ruvu Shooting where Yanga won 3-2 goal but Boban could not be seen in the field due to TFF orders.

"That's the main reason why Boban has not yet been able to serve Yanga even though he has already been involved in the practice of Team.
"However, let's continue waiting for the committee until it comes to make decisions," he said.