Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Arab Contractors company had enough experience

The Arab Contractors or the AC company is one of the leading and emerging companies in the continent of Africa and the Middle East.
It has been implementing various construction projects in more than 29 countries.

According to a report on its site, the Arab Contractors have experience in different construction areas including large buildings and offices, bridges, roads, airports, clean water systems and water purification plants.
They are also involved in being involved electrical installations, power generation pipelines with water supply facilities and sports buildings, towers, irrigation systems, ship construction.They also offer engineering consulting equipment manufacture and metal construction equipments.

In East Africa The company has completed several projects including road construction, a number of buildings including the Faculty of Technology of Makelele in Uganda, repairing the Mulago National Hospital and also architectural building and building a Ministry of Defense in the country of Rwanda.