Saturday, December 15, 2018

The Ministry of Health has awarded a Christmas gift worth 280,000 shillings for elderly people

The Ministry of Health Department of Social Development has awarded a  Christmas gift worth 280,000 Tanzania shillings for elderly people living at the Elderly National Assembly in Sukamahela District Manyoni Region of Singida as part of their contribution to the National.

Offering a gift on behalf of the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Child Care Assistant Director, Sebastian Kitiku, told the elders that the government appreciating the contribution of the elderly to National Building.

He said that despite the Christmas gift, he also assured the elders that they would end all the challenges facing the elderly so that they could live in a clean and safe environment.

'' I give older people a chance to talk to us so we can know the challenges you have so that the Ministry can listen to them and work for them to keep the environment safe and secure at home. '"

In addition, one of the challenges faced by Elder Sukamahela's home is the lack of electrical energy that has caused the elderly to live in particularly difficult times during the night, so the elderly have requested the Ministry to resolve the challenge.

However, the ministry has promised to work on these challenges so that the elderly can live in a clean and secure environment because the government appreciates them, loves them and recognizes their contribution especially to their contribution to national development.