Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The permanent bridge pleased the residents of Rukwa and Songwe

Business between the two regions of Rukwa and Songwe intends to increase through the border of the regions due to the construction of the Momba Bridge that links the two regions towards completion.

The bridge, which has been the long-term mourning of the people of the region, is being built by the Jiangxi Geo Engineering Group Corporation (JCC) Company for a 13-month term contract and its construction plans to be completed in February last year.

Members of the border area have said, they have been pleased with the construction because they have long sought for and congratulated the government by building the bridge that they will use to transmit their crops from Lake Rukwa Valley Plains via Campus to the small town of Mlowo in Songwe where were forced to pass on the Exterior Bridge which did not have the ability to pass cars.

However, the people said they would not forget what they had been struggling with earlier to go to this grade built by missionaries and forced to pay 500 shillings for pedestrians and motorcycles who were paying for Tshs. 2000.

Vice-Chairman of the Road Board in Rukwa, Ignas Malocha has visited the area and examined the building and acknowledged the construction of the bridge and added that it was a great redemption for the citizens of the two regions as a result of the benefits they will receive after its completion.

Momba Bridge has been shocked by the people of the regions for some of the people, especially the elderly and the children, to fail to cross the preliminary bridge that flips through the Momba river that has many crocodiles and has been reportedly captured by passengers across the river.