The Tanzanian government has signed an agreement on the construction of an electrical pond

The Tanzanian government has signed an agreement on the construction of an electrical pond for water supply in the Rufiji River Basin on the famous waterfall Stiegler's Gorge.

The project has been implemented for more than 40 years.

The agreement between the government and the Arab Contractors of Egypt opens a new framework for implementing the major project of its kind in the production of electrical energy.

The signature was witnessed by President John Magufuli and Prime Minister of Egypt, Mostafa Madbouly, signed with the Egyptian Contractors of the Arab Contractors and El Sewedy with TANESCO.

Speaking immediately after the signing the treaty, President John Magufuli said the project was expected to be completed within three and a half years from now and will cost approximately Tshs 6.58 Trillions.

He said that when the project was completed, it would help reduce electricity costs in parallel and promote the economy of the country by achieving industrial goals in conjunction with reducing the problem of logging that helps to protect the environment.

President Magufuli also calls on Defense and Security agencies to ensure that they protect the project while encouraging Tanzanians to take advantage of the opportunities that will arise during the project while entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, and local authorities are urging them to protect the environment.

President Magufuli also contributed to the ongoing challenge of the project and pointed out that the main reason is the economic crisis and demanding that all Tanzanians be united and become one of the most beneficial interests of Tanzania.

Formerly, Prime Minister of Egypt, Moustafa, said on behalf of the President of the country have promised to cooperate with Tanzania in maintaining their long-term relationship and promising Tanzanians that the work will be fully implemented and assisted with realities and resources to achieve true success.

Initially Egypt's Energy Minister, Dr. AHMED SHEIKH AHMED said his country would train 20,000 Tanzanian professionals to run the project that will have the potential to form a major relationship between the East and Africa region and achieve the development of industry.

At the same time, the Speaker of the Parliament, JOB NDUGAI, congratulated President Magufuli for his efforts to ensure that the National Father's dream was fulfilled despite the overwhelming controversy and promised to support him in the effort to shoulder the project until the project was completed.

When the project is completed, it expect to produce 212 MW Megawatt, which is much larger than the total electricity currently generated , which is 1,560 Megawatts.

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