Saturday, December 22, 2018

UDSM Graduator Killed Himself Due To Unemployment

Mussa Ally (25), a dweller of Kilolea in Ilemela district he having university education, has dropped into the Rocky City Mall and died.

It is stated that Mussa took that decision due to having a stress of unemployment.

Speaking  Yesterday on December 21, 2018, acting Mwanza Regional Police Commander, Advera Bulimba said the incident occurred today at 7:00 Pm.


Bulimba said the young man seemed to be too drunk and since December 16, 2018 he was arrested and placed in the Kitumba police station, then released.

He said in an earlier investigation that he had a mental disorder because of lack of work despite having high education.

Bulima said after the police let him go from police station he went to drinking alcohol again and then scratched himself from the third floor.
"An earlier investigation showed that the boy had said he had drunk himself,no blame for anyone.

He said that he had taken that decision personally, and also claiming he was poor and had no father or mother, "said Bulimba.

He said the body was kept in hospital for further investigation despite not mentioning the name of the hospital.

Bulima, the text quoted earlier read that "he has a computer science degree he acquired at Dar es Salaam University (UDSM)."