Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Yanga 28 members expected to be removed from membership

A total of 28 members struggle for the positions of the Yanga club, are expected to be removed from membership due to a trafficking attempt to take form at Tanzanian Football Federation (TFF) .

The candidates who have volunteered to gain leadership positions are that of Chairman, Dr Jonas Tiboroha, Yono Kevela, Mbaraka Igangula and Erick Ninga.

The deputy chairman Titus Titus, Salum Magege Chota and Yono Kevela were Hamad Ally Islam, Benjamin Jackson Mwakasonda, Sylvester Haule, Salim Seif, Musa Katabaro, Shftu Command and Said Baraka.

Others are Pindu Luhoyo, Dominick Francis, Seko Cautious, Ally Omary Msigwa, Arafat Ally Haji, Geofrey Boniphace Mwita, Frank Kalokola, Ramadhan Said, Leonard Marango, Bernard Faustin Mabula, Christopha Ambassador, Athanas Peter Kazige and Faustin Peter Bisangwa.

The decision to eliminate the  candidate was released yesterday from conference of  yanga branches, it was on Monday held at Headquarters in the East Dar es Salaam.

Kinondoni Regional Chairperson, who is also Secretary of the Manzese Branch, Shabani Uda, said that the action done by the members to go to the TFF for election is betrayal.

"We've come here to discuss the issues of our club and bigger we are discussing what lies ahead of us, about the election we want to govern ourselves and not TFF.

"Of course, suppose that there will be no member who will appear on that election day as TFF continues to manage our elections, it is good to know that.

"At first we start with the members who went to take form TFF for the struggle of Yanga leadership positions by postponing membership before going to our main election, as the act they did was traitors," said Uda