Friday, January 25, 2019

Boss With These Behaviors Is Dangerous To The Company

Experience shows that the welfare of the company or institution depends on the leadership ability of the boss.
The behavior of the boss, either by knowing or not knowing, is the determining factor of staff performance in carrying out their responsibilities.
The boss, in his role, can cause people to miss work, quarrel, disagree, conspirators, visa, robbery, and even quit work.

Here I show you five behaviors that can bring trouble to the welfare of the company.

  • The boss who does not believe in someone

This is a boss who thinks he is the only person capable of knowing the right thing for the company or institution. You believe all the rest of them can not work at the level they want.
Also, the lack of faith and those under it, makes the boss of this sort overwhelming many responsibilities at the table and does not realize the importance of listening to the views of others. Sometimes he or she may give it the right to do things without following the procedures prescribed by the institutional principles of the institution.
Such behavior contributes to the reduction of employees' credibility because they begin to be afraid to take action that they should take for granted.
When working with a boss of this kind, work hard to be vibrant in your workplace. As you convince the believer you know what you are doing by reducing the mistakes he or she can give you responsibilities.

  • Sprout groups

This is a boss who basically does not believe. Uncertainty may arise in a variety of forms including not liking criticism, admiring overconfidence and even the behavior of promoting groups of interest in the workplace.
In order to protect the authority he believes is threatened by his opponents, often have a small group of his closest people who are usually the ones who sing and praise themselves. Depending on its feature, it is also possible to become a romantic partner of staff.
On the other hand, there are potential people as opponents of good boss, opponents development and people used by the company's enemies. They are always placed in a 'rapture' cup even when they are mentally productive.
Unfortunately groups are going along with the occult in terms of words and 'dark ways' to compete.
When you have a boss of this kind, be careful about how you work. Avoid appearing competitively with him and avoid taking sides if it is not necessary.

  • Authority of the power

The high quality of a drunkard is the belief that he has come and does not need the support or cooperation of anyone else in his or her performance. This is called a lack of humility.
An unselfish boss in it believes he has the power to do whatever the others feel. The pride that dwells in it gives him the insult of disrespecting those under him because he believes he can not do anything.
The best way to work with a drunkard is to recognize his position. Smile when doing good and take precautions when you have different ideas and do not seem to compete with him.
Also, rely on public disclosure sometimes for the things you believe you have done correctly. When you become a victim of alcohol abuse, claim your right by following the procedures.

  • Bad spirit 

This is a boss who enjoys seeing people suffer. He often assesses the effectiveness of his work at the level of pain he sees in people. So he feels satisfied when he hears people are complaining, you have trouble, things do not go.
In conjunction with enjoying the problems of people, this is a vicious person who likes to fight with his enemies. If you have ever been a member of the office before you have been given a job, he will use his or her office to complete it. He has no forgiveness.
If you want to live well with this boss learn how good to claim your rights. Remember how much you show that you have trouble is what he or she has to lose.
The union between staff and claiming justice by observing the known procedures is the best way to work with such a boss.

  • Explorer

This is a boss who has no tendency to think carefully when he does his things. The papara of decision, often, comes from reality that it does not go far away. Its decision aims at securing short-term characteristics that may result in losses for the company. Also, depending on his character, he may be a person who has no standing in his decisions.
Because his decision depends on how he feels on that day and where the wind of fame goes.
Be careful when you work under it. When you have a suggestion that you believe is productive, search for the audience and enjoy it and explain it to it. Also, it is important for offices to have strong principles and guidelines that are not based on personal interests.

Njombe Council About Cleaness And Income

The City of Njombe Council has welcomed the Dear Seniors' delegation, accompanied by Experts from the Sumbawanga Municipality, as well as learning and increasing knowledge in terms of income and environmental sanitation.

These have been noted during a brief welcome visit to the halls of the Njombe Town Council, where the visitors admitted that they were invited to come to Njombe City Council to learn from the qualities that the Council has been regularly engaging in environmental sanitation and collection revenue.

"City Council Sumbawanga for the financial year 2017/2018 meant to collect two billion and five million, but we did not succeed in collecting 80 percent in accordance with the Order. Prime Minister, and instead we collected only 54 percent. In addition to the sanitation and environment we have a second chance from the end due to lack of toilets and excellent toilets. "He said Suitable for the Municipality's mayor of Sumbawanga. Justin Emmanuel Malisawa.

He explained that the major challenges facing the Council's legislative law and the challenges of politicians who have been defending and disadvantage of some of the resolutions they have invested in the collection and maintenance of the environment and that's why they felt the importance of coming to learn from Njombe.

Commenting on the success of the Njombe Council that has reached the environmental hygiene in line with the revenue collection, Mr Njuminata Mwenda's CEO Mrs. Illuminata Mwenda said the success was due to the willingness and commitment of the councillors  regardless of the ideology of their unions and co-operation Experts.

"How do councilors want their council, so that's what I know. You may have good plans but Mr. Madiwani said nothing would be.

He added that their municipality's main agenda is income and sanitation. And even in the sessions of experts have been discussing and improving emerging shortcomings and developing strong strategies in the collection and environmental hygiene and we have been very successful. "He said Mwenda.

Dorcas Mkello is the Treasurer of the City Council Njombe said that among the methods they have been using in the revenue collection include motorcycle incentives for performers who are doing well in the collection but also give them 5 million to each council for each quarter of the year which are entrusted to the relevant ward councilors for promoting development in its ward. As a result, each councilor has been a defender in the management of income sources because they do not understand that the funds will not be obtained without a large collection.

According to his environmental officer, Njombe District Councilor Bernard said that despite having a positive public awareness on the allocation of waste assets, the LGAs have grown up with the importance of empowering the department for the financial year 2018/2019 managed to allocate funds through local revenue and to buy a tractor for waste disposal and thus prevent the waste disposal in the areas of the city due to the presence of sufficient work.

And City Council Chairwoman Edwin Mwanzinga said that the secret of success is a united one between the SADCs and the experts because they have been receiving professional advice and when they have shortcomings have been sharing the overall improvement of the benefit of the whole Council.

"My colleagues of Sumbawanga ask you to have a co-operation in the revenue collection. Progress is for all citizens and it is not a party, but I should also understand that in the hygiene and environmental issue you will not be able to do well depending on the Council, it will eliminate the waste itself, and the investor must be responsible for disposal of waste by contributing to the cost. "

In addition, the Swaziland Municipalities and Specialists in the City of Njombe thanked the City Council Njombe for the education they received and congratulated the construction of a continuous high level of buses in the new Bus Station and promised to establish a communication network with the Njombe City Council to continue to acquire skills and techniques. new in different places.

It should be noted that the City Council Njombe for two consecutive years; 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 have received guests from the eight Regional Councils of Songwe, Singida, Shinyanga and Rukwa for learning the methods and secrets of victory that use the City of Njombe Council to strengthen sanitation in all its territories.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Simba Sc Beaten 5-0 Against AS Vita

Champions League defender Tanzania have beaten 5-0 goals against AS Vita in the second round of African Group Action on Saturday at Martrys Stadium.

AS Vita began to score 14 minutes by Jean Makusu and 19 minutes through Butoli Bombunga and the third goal was scored by a penalty strike through Fabrice Ngoma 45 minutes after Simba Pascal Wawa squad for AS Vita striker.

Crew Giveaway scored the fourth goal in the 71st minute by heading after getting a corner, 74 minutes Kissing writes a fifth goal.

AS Vita History Toward Their Game Against Simba Today

AS Vita is an existing team in the city center of Kinshasa in DR Congo and was established in 1935 as it was called Renaissance but later in 1939 it was named by the Victoria Club.

In 1971 the team was renamed and is now called the Association Sportive Vita Club in short AS Vita. The Nickname AS Vita is 'The Black Dolphins' or in Swahili Pomboo Weusi.

As Vita plays their major tournament games they use DR Congo's field for most of their Martyrs Stadium fans capable of carrying 80,000 people.

In DR Congo AS Vita is a very successful team in the country's soccer league, such as Linafoot, having won the total of 14 cups of the league. The war is behind the TP Mazembe who is taking the lead in taking 16 cups of DR Congo.

The AS Vita club is hosting an international championship club like the famous Caf Champions League champion. The war has been split into 14 seasons and won in 1973 by Asante Kotoko of Ghana while holding second place in 1981 after the closing of the final match with Algeria's JE Tizi-Ouzou which is now known as JS Kabylie.

In 1978 they ended the semi-finals and were released by the Hafia FC in Guinea for a goal after they closed 2-0 goals in Guinea and were locked 3-1 at home.

The war did not end there because in 2014 they played also the African Champions League finals and were tied to Algeria's ES Setif for a 1-1 draw in Algeria with a 2-2 draw in Congo.

In the Veteran Championship Championship AS Vita has participated in the tournament four times, including the group stage in 2008, 2009 and 2010, finalizing the Championship final in 2018 and losing sight of the Raja Casablanca club in Morocco.

Their squad will play today, it will miss his defender Dharles Mondia's middle balloon after the release of red card against Al Ahly where As Vita beaten 2-0 defeat.

AS Vita is a blessed club with having the best players in all areas within the stadium. Among the players being watched by the Simba club in the game today include Dance, Moloko Kisinda, Kisses and Others.

AS Vita has only three foreign players including Lukong (Cameroon), midfielder Omary Sidibe (Mali) and Aluku (Cameroon) striker.

Often the coach of AS Vita Florence Ibenge is a fast-paced believer and at the same time when he is at home and that's why their lot of results get in their home field and not geographical areas.

Since June 2017 until now the As Vita has played 11 games for the African Champions League and the federation Cup and has never been closed in their home field.

Every happy Simba Sc in the game vs AS Vita, surely many Tanzanians behind you will have a result.

Burkina Faso Goverment Resigned Today

Burkina Faso Prime Minister, Paul Kaba Thieba, and the entire Cabinet of Ministers have resigned today leaving the country with only President on the government's axis.

The country's president, Roch Marc Christian Kabore, has announced that step through the national television station but did not give rise to the decision.

Thieba, an economist, has been Prime Minister of the country since January 2016, when he was deported by President Kabore and approved by Parliament.

The country's government has been facing tremendous impulse by the increase in terrorist incidents and the incidents of arrests, including various leaders.

Recently, following the disappearance of some of the top-level leaders of international organizations, activists in the country began asking Thieba and the minister of defense and security to stop the level.

Edith Blais, a 34-year-old Canadian citizen and 30-year-old Luca Tacchetto, who are Italian citizens have lost since December last year.

Commenting on the resignation of the cabinet, President Kabore expressed his gratitude for the work they did with their co-operation.

He said he hopes to create a new council as soon as possible.

Mexico: 66 people have died in an oil pumped explosion

Sixty people have died in an oil pumped explosion in Mexico and 71 others were seriously injured.

And over the past two years she was a woman and a 12-year-old girl, said Hidalgo state governor, Omar Fayad.

The explosion occurred after the pipeline was destroyed by people who were allegedly being thieves in the town of Tlahuelilpan, the state of Hidalgo.

Officials say hundreds of people were hesitant to fetch oil before the fire broke out suddenly.

Disadvantaged residents are still flooding the scene of the scene while officers and practitioners of the dead are continuing to capture deadly dead bodies.

The government has said theft has cost the nation nearly $ 3 billion last year.
Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who has been in power in December, has launched a fiercest attack against the criminals.

Various sectors have to share in reducing infectious diseases in the Tanzania

All sectors in the country should be involved in controlling infectious diseases to help the community avoid the serious consequences of emerging and reduce the cost of treatment.

These have been said by health stakeholders engaging in infectious diseases at the 2015/2020 Strategic Implementation Review Session Plan for the prevention of infectious diseases and giving direction on what should be done right now and later in the Office of the Presidential Administration of the Regions and Local Government, City Dodoma

Giving the topic of what should be done to reduce infectious diseases said the Government is responsible for ensuring health services are enhanced by building basic infrastructure, making rapid diagnosis and periodic treatment for the community to control these diseases.

Explaining more Dr Dodoma Regional Physician Dr. James Kiolowe said there is a need to engage in various sectors in addressing the various challenges leading to infectious diseases in the country so that everyone can play a role in protecting the health of the community in the country.

"At the time, the Ministry of Health, Social Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, as their policy makers, has been involved in integrating other ministries as Agriculture, Land, Environment, to ensure that they are involved in addressing the challenges of health care and reducing infectious diseases in the country."

When Huohuo Dr. A Traveler Referred from the Ministry of Health, Social Development, Gender, Elderly and Children has requested a community to be fully involved in the effects of infectious diseases in the country to reduce the deaths of young people and children who have become increasingly vulnerable to the disease.

"At the time the community is fully integrated into ensuring that they control diseases in order to reduce the mortality rate of society. since breathing is better than cure "Explains Preliminary

According to the Tanzania Diabetes Secretary Prof.Kaushik Ramaiya, that there is a need for community education on the effects of infectious diseases, this will help reduce the deaths and cost of community treatment.

"Citizens have been spending huge amounts in the search for infectious diseases while education is the basis for protecting them from the disease The community model uses a very costly treatment to treat a diabetes patient than to prevent the disease." Explains Professor Kaushik

In addition the President of the Association of Dentist Tanzania Dr. Mwakatobe said the community needs to ensure that they follow the intake of proper foods to reduce infectious diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

Tanzania: 33 Councils exceed Goals for Income Collection

Thirty-thirds of the 185 councils have been able to collect domestic revenue at a rate of 50% and over the 2018/19 financial estimate while 21 councils have done badly by collecting less than 20 percent of their estimates per year.
That has been stated by the Minister of State Office of the Presidential Regional Administration and Local Government. Selemeni Jafo while reporting the internal revenue of the council for the second quarter of the year.
He said in 33 councils that collected 50 percent and more. Three Village Councils led by the City of Dodoma, the municipalities are two led by Iringa Municipalities, eight City Councils led by the City of Geita and District Councils are twenty led by the District Council. Geita.
"Analysis shows that In 6 villages, the Dodoma City leads by collecting 59 percent of the estimates and the Tanga City has been the last by collecting 33% of estimates," he said.
In addition, the Iringa Municipality has led the municipal group by collecting 64% of estimates where Lindi Municipality has been last in this group by collecting 20% ​​of estimates.
Jafo added that in the case of City Councils, the Geita City Council has led to collecting 84 percent of the estimates and the Nanyamba City Council has been last in this group by collecting just 9 percent of estimates,
He said in a group of District Councils, Geita District Council has led to collecting 78 percent of the estimates where Nanyumbu District Council has been last by collecting only 6 percent of the estimates.
Taking into account the majority of the collections of the JFC's revenue collection colleges, he noted the leading council as a Dodoma City which has collected Tshs. 40.12 billion and a small amount of funds is a Momba district council that has collected Tshs. 105.04 million.
Minister Jafo also noted the Region whose investors have collected revenue based on the majority of revenue as the Dar es Salaam Region, whose total banks have collected Tshs. 77.4 billion and the Final Region is the Katavi, whose banks have collected only 2.4 billion shillings.
He said in a well-developed Region based on the percentage of collections is Geita Region Its councils have collected 56.4 percent of the annual estimates followed by the Dodoma Region that collected 55.9 percent of its estimates and the final Region of the Region for Mtwara, which has collected a percentage 15 of its annual estimates.
At the same time, Jafo has asked all directors whose councils have not done well in the revenue collection by collecting less than ten percent of their estimates for half-year expression and self-assessment and ensuring they are more actively involved in the collection of revenue.
"The 9 out of 10 counts in the last financial year have succeeded in doing well during the semi-financing year 2018/19 by collecting more than 20 percent of its estimates," she said.
Minister Jafo also instructed all Directors to ensure that all revenue statistics in the LGRCIS system are being addressed and submitted to the IFMS (Epicor) system as all revenue and financial information should be provided through the system.
This revenue statement aims to show how the internal revenue collection functions in LGAs are well managed and these data are provided according to information submitted to the resolution and sent into the IFMS (Epicor) system.

In the financial year 2018/19 The charts were scheduled to collect Tshs. 735.6 billion from its internal sources and up to 31,2018 Councils collected 300 billion shillings equivalent to 41 percent of the estimates.
For the period 2017/18 the council plans to collect Tshs. 687.3 billion and by December 2017, the council collected 281.3 billion shs equivalent to 41 percent of the estimates.
These figures indicate that there was an increase of Shs. 18.7 billion for fiscal year 2018/19 compared with collections for such a period for fiscal year 2017/18

Employment Secretariat is congratulated by establishing Employment Systems.

The Employment Secretariat in Public Service has been commended for ongoing efforts in the labor market improvements specifically to design a system of recipient application and planning system for successful executives.

The congratulations were issued by Deputy Minister, Presidential Office, Public Service Management and Good Governance, Dr. Mary Mwanjelwa during the weekend met with the Board, the Executive Officers and staff of the Secretariat with the aim of visiting the institutions under her Office to find out if they were fulfilling the responsibilities entrusted to her and her executives.

"I want you to know that this instrument has been established in order to carry out its responsibilities transparently and to justify the fact that the fifth phase of government is aimed at obtaining qualified Public Servants, ethics and good morals," he emphasized Deputy Minister.

In addition, he commended them for establishing systems for receiving work applications and the system for successful applicants while believing that the systems have increased transparency and reduces the delays of employment processes and eliminate preferential feelings because now the graduate is a qualified person. and the criteria they deserve.

Dr Mwanjelwa added that it is good for public education to be released so that stakeholders know how services are improved, including the reduction of time-making process from 90 to 52 days for new jobs and for those who are kept on the bank for seven days only for the employer. the servant he needs.

He concluded by demanding Labor Secretariat staff to continue to work on the basis of patriotism, public service ethics as they should be the model and those they employ.

On the other hand, the Secretary of Employment Secretariat has said since the establishment of the vessel until 17 January 2019 has announced 29,291 positions for the Ministry, Department, Agency, Regional Secretariat, Municipalities, Councils and Higher Education Institutions. Where a total of 1,104,513 applications were received between 376,689 applicants were invited to 28,580 securities and have been assigned work centers where 711 posts whose accreditation has been received recently is its process in various implementation measures.

In turn Vice Chairman of the Secretariat of Labor, Mr. Mbarak Abdulwakil on behalf of his colleagues and the staff of the institution thanked Him. Deputy Minister for his commitment and promising him to continue to carry out the functions of the vessel at a time and to comply with the Law, Regulations and Procedures so that the nation can continue to find the best staff.

It has been issued by the  Communications Unit, the Employment Secretariat.

HESLB has collected a total of 94.01 billion TZS from higher education creditors in July - December 2018

The Higher Education Student Loan Board (HESLB) has collected a total of 94.01 billion TZS from higher education creditors in July - December 2018 and crossed its target of collecting TZS 71.4 billion over the period.

HESLB CEO Abdul-Razaq Badru has said today in Dar es salaam that these collections have grown from over 198,659 beneficiaries who have invested or employed in the private and public sector.

They benefited from paying taxes and started paying between July - December 2018

"During the period of July - December we have succeeded in discovering that the newest 12,600 beneficiaries have not yet begun to repay their loans and are now starting and making customers back to 198,656 right now," said Badru while talking to the media at the HESLB offices and adding:

"These TZS 94.01 billion collections are equivalent to an increase of 8.7 percent compared with TZS 85.88 billion collected during the same period last year, July - December 2017," he said.

Badru was describing the state of mortgage collection during the 2018/2019 semi-financing year in June this year which aims for the year to collect TZS 150 billion.

According to the established HESLB law, employers should cut down the basic salary percentage of 15 HESLB within 14 days after the end date of the deduction month.

At the conference, HESLB also officially announced the joining of the Government E-Payment Gateway - GePG and emphasizing that all payments to HESLB will be received in the same system followed by various government institutions.

HESLB CEO Abdul-Razaq Badru (second left) officially announces to the Revenue Government Revenue Fund with other stakeholders in the short-term event held in Dar es Salaam.

An employer or beneficiary must acknowledge 'Memory Number' Control Number) located on their Loan Statements and make payments through bank or phone. Detailed information is available on this site.

The CEO has emphasized that from now on, no payment will be received without following the system and that customers with questions ask for number 0659 748 536; 0621 870 172; 0620 714 421; and 0621 870 173).

HESLB is a government institution established in 2005 to carry out two major tasks. One, providing higher education loans to Tanzanian students who are needy and secondly collecting lending funds from beneficiaries beneficiaries of the Government since 1994/1995.

Top list of richest people in Africa 2019

The Forbes Magazine has provided a new list of billions of Africans who could stay in their affiliate and who could reach their goal until January 2019.

Through the list, Nigerian citizens, Aliko Dangote, have remained in the peak with $ 10.3 billion, which are less than $ 2 billion last year. The 61-year-old Dangote's drop-in source has been reported as a decline in stock prices for its Cement business for 20 percent.

The second place has returned to another Nigerian citizen, Mike Adenuga who has a $ 9.2 billion profit. Unlike Dangote, Adenuga's wealth has risen from $ 5 billion in January 2018. This billionaire owns the Globacom Mobile company, which holds the third place in Nigeria. He also owns a trading company with other major companies.

Nicky Oppenheimer, a South African citizen, has been ranked third in the year's list. Her wealth has been estimated to be $ 7.3 billion, if it dropped from $ 7.7 a year ago. He acquired great wealth after selling a DeBeers diamond mining company in 2012. He sold the company that his grandfather had invested for $ 5.1 billion in cash.

In the long list that has witnessed a decrease of three billion in comparison with my last list, only Tanzanian, Mohammed Dewji, famous as Mo Dewji, was ranked 14th at $ 1.9 billion.

Mo Dewji, Chief Executive Officer of METL Companies, established by his grandfather in 1970, has left $ 10,000 a $ 2 billion. METL companies are located in six countries in Africa. In 2016, he made a promise to provide almost half of his wealth to ensure community support.

In the list there are also two women, Isabel dos Santos ($ 2.3 billion) holding eight positions. Isabel is the son of former Angolan president Jose Eduardo dos Santos. Owns shares of several major companies in the Netherlands including our SGPS TV company.

Another female woman is Folorunsho Alakija ($ 1.1 billion) who is a Nigerian citizen and Vice Chairman of the Fufa Oil Company in the country.

Zimbabwe banned Social Networks

Zimbabwe's government has closed the most common social networks in the country while trying to eliminate serious protests against the rise in product costs and unemployment.
Banned networks include Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp which were widely used to connect the people and encourage them to participate in the protest.
The United Nations Human Rights Institute has reported that 12 people have lost lives since the protests and that there are a number of injuries including some victims of security forces being accused of being a group of protesters.
Zimbabwe's Human Rights Forum, which is one of the non-governmental organizations, protests the ban on the debut of the networks, claiming that it is about blocking the voice of the people.
The United Nations has called upon the Zimbabwean government not to exaggerate.
"The Medical Association [Zimbabwe] has said that more than 60 people have been treated in hospital due to shooting injury, this is not the right way to prevent protests against the state of the economy," Reuters calls on UN spokesman for Human Rights, Ravina Shamdasani.
On Thursday, prominent activist, Enan Mawarire, who urged people to go out of labor for three days through a social network, was arrested and charged with a detrimental attack on the Government. If convicted, he may be imprisoned until 20 years in prison in accordance with the laws of the country.
President Emmerson Mnangagwa has urged citizens to settle down while his Government is trying to strengthen the economy, including asking for their support and inviting more investors.
This week, President Mnangagwa was in Russia where he met President Vladimir Putin and asked him to help strengthen the country's economy.

RC Kagera has set up strategies for "Bodaboda"

Kagera Regional Chief Brigadier General, Marco E. Gaguti, has made clear his strategy to make the most famous motorcyclist (Bodaboda) in Kagera region mainly in Bukoba Municipality as one of the tourists in the Bukoba City.

He said this immediately after meeting with motorcyclist and negotiating with them how he will ensure that he manages his strategies so that the publishers will do their job as he wishes.

"I invite you to this meeting, intending to meet you and to create a good environment for your work as I know that in the past you were working in an unhealthy environment, and having problems with the Defense and Security Instruments especially when the Police Force they are fulfilling their duties on the Safe Road. "he said

In addition, he has identified three key issues that Bodaboda should be promptly implementing, Creating groups and registering these groups in their workplace so that motorcyclist will recognize and through these groups be lenders and investors education.

Also through these groups, motorcyclists are both given a Security road education, also members of the Kagera Regional Defense and Security since there has been a bandit's claim to hide in the work of motorcyclist while committing crimes.
The governor also said that from now on he does not want to see or hear the Bodaboda tension with the Police Force but have a good relationship and become a system for working together.

On the other hand, the Guarantee Security Council in Kagera Region, Winston Kabantega told the governor that the Bodaboda business was starting in Bukoba in the city and spreading throughout the country but now Kagera Province is not in the best three best regions in Bodaboda business.

Kilaba explain benefits to the new communication system

Today President of the United Republic of Tanzania, John Pombe Magufuli, is being awarded a new communication system with the Tanzania Telecommunication Authority (TCRA) with the Telecommunications Telecommunications Authority (TTMS).

Speaking to the Director General of the TCRA, engineer James has said that the system has a profound impact on our country in particular.

Some of these benefits have included the ability of the system to verify all revenues of telecommunications providers and to detect informal communications.

The same system also facilitates access to telecommunication statistics within and outside the country.

The system will also help detect fraudulent telecommunications and revenue recognition and online financial data statistics and effectively manage communication services and help improve the quality of the services.

In addition, tracking from the TCRA office directly to the new communication system, an event attended by various leaders of the country led by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, fifth phase, John Joseph Pombe Magufuli

DJ killed After Playing Bad Music

In Uganda has been killed after being kidnapped by a group of teenagers who have beaten him for a song that they did not like while playing music at one of the existing Nebbi district halls in the country.

Dj Jerry Okirwoth was a third-grade student at High School Parombo, who was volunteering to work at U-DJ at night after his studies to earn a living to meet his school needs.

Nebbi district commissioner, William Bob Labeja, confirmed the death penalty, where he allegedly was killed on Wednesday and criticized the hall administration used by the killers for failing to protect him before he died.

"As the head of security in this district I will not allow music halls to be developed and I want all the venues to be blocked because it has been a threat to youth life," said Bob Labeja

Bosco Okwai, in turn, said that in 2011 they made a law that prohibited the permits of performing music halls and invited all local leaders to ensure that they brought before the law all people who would ignore the law.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

JOBS 2019: Night Auditor At Ocean Paradise Resort

Job Summary

Night audit duties in customer service include handling the reservation process; welcoming guests and getting them checked into their rooms.

Minimum Qualification: Highschool
Experience Level: Mid level
Experience Length: 1 year

Job Description

Greet guests upon arrival, check them in and provide them with any information they need to enjoy their stayAudit and balance reports from the day shiftsSchedule guest wake-up calls and reservations for the following dayVerify that all EOD work has been performed by other departmentsRespond to guest inquiries, concerns and complaints as neededAnswer phones and place reservationsRun EOD computer functions so they are complete by the end of the shiftPrepare guest bills for next-day checkouts and process reservation cardsBalance cash drawers and record receiptsFacilitate the deposit of guests’ valuables in hotel safe