Friday, January 25, 2019

Boss With These Behaviors Is Dangerous To The Company

Experience shows that the welfare of the company or institution depends on the leadership ability of the boss.
The behavior of the boss, either by knowing or not knowing, is the determining factor of staff performance in carrying out their responsibilities.
The boss, in his role, can cause people to miss work, quarrel, disagree, conspirators, visa, robbery, and even quit work.

Here I show you five behaviors that can bring trouble to the welfare of the company.

  • The boss who does not believe in someone

This is a boss who thinks he is the only person capable of knowing the right thing for the company or institution. You believe all the rest of them can not work at the level they want.
Also, the lack of faith and those under it, makes the boss of this sort overwhelming many responsibilities at the table and does not realize the importance of listening to the views of others. Sometimes he or she may give it the right to do things without following the procedures prescribed by the institutional principles of the institution.
Such behavior contributes to the reduction of employees' credibility because they begin to be afraid to take action that they should take for granted.
When working with a boss of this kind, work hard to be vibrant in your workplace. As you convince the believer you know what you are doing by reducing the mistakes he or she can give you responsibilities.

  • Sprout groups

This is a boss who basically does not believe. Uncertainty may arise in a variety of forms including not liking criticism, admiring overconfidence and even the behavior of promoting groups of interest in the workplace.
In order to protect the authority he believes is threatened by his opponents, often have a small group of his closest people who are usually the ones who sing and praise themselves. Depending on its feature, it is also possible to become a romantic partner of staff.
On the other hand, there are potential people as opponents of good boss, opponents development and people used by the company's enemies. They are always placed in a 'rapture' cup even when they are mentally productive.
Unfortunately groups are going along with the occult in terms of words and 'dark ways' to compete.
When you have a boss of this kind, be careful about how you work. Avoid appearing competitively with him and avoid taking sides if it is not necessary.

  • Authority of the power

The high quality of a drunkard is the belief that he has come and does not need the support or cooperation of anyone else in his or her performance. This is called a lack of humility.
An unselfish boss in it believes he has the power to do whatever the others feel. The pride that dwells in it gives him the insult of disrespecting those under him because he believes he can not do anything.
The best way to work with a drunkard is to recognize his position. Smile when doing good and take precautions when you have different ideas and do not seem to compete with him.
Also, rely on public disclosure sometimes for the things you believe you have done correctly. When you become a victim of alcohol abuse, claim your right by following the procedures.

  • Bad spirit 

This is a boss who enjoys seeing people suffer. He often assesses the effectiveness of his work at the level of pain he sees in people. So he feels satisfied when he hears people are complaining, you have trouble, things do not go.
In conjunction with enjoying the problems of people, this is a vicious person who likes to fight with his enemies. If you have ever been a member of the office before you have been given a job, he will use his or her office to complete it. He has no forgiveness.
If you want to live well with this boss learn how good to claim your rights. Remember how much you show that you have trouble is what he or she has to lose.
The union between staff and claiming justice by observing the known procedures is the best way to work with such a boss.

  • Explorer

This is a boss who has no tendency to think carefully when he does his things. The papara of decision, often, comes from reality that it does not go far away. Its decision aims at securing short-term characteristics that may result in losses for the company. Also, depending on his character, he may be a person who has no standing in his decisions.
Because his decision depends on how he feels on that day and where the wind of fame goes.
Be careful when you work under it. When you have a suggestion that you believe is productive, search for the audience and enjoy it and explain it to it. Also, it is important for offices to have strong principles and guidelines that are not based on personal interests.



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