Saturday, January 19, 2019

Burkina Faso Goverment Resigned Today

Burkina Faso Prime Minister, Paul Kaba Thieba, and the entire Cabinet of Ministers have resigned today leaving the country with only President on the government's axis.

The country's president, Roch Marc Christian Kabore, has announced that step through the national television station but did not give rise to the decision.

Thieba, an economist, has been Prime Minister of the country since January 2016, when he was deported by President Kabore and approved by Parliament.

The country's government has been facing tremendous impulse by the increase in terrorist incidents and the incidents of arrests, including various leaders.

Recently, following the disappearance of some of the top-level leaders of international organizations, activists in the country began asking Thieba and the minister of defense and security to stop the level.

Edith Blais, a 34-year-old Canadian citizen and 30-year-old Luca Tacchetto, who are Italian citizens have lost since December last year.

Commenting on the resignation of the cabinet, President Kabore expressed his gratitude for the work they did with their co-operation.

He said he hopes to create a new council as soon as possible.



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