Saturday, January 19, 2019

DJ killed After Playing Bad Music

In Uganda has been killed after being kidnapped by a group of teenagers who have beaten him for a song that they did not like while playing music at one of the existing Nebbi district halls in the country.

Dj Jerry Okirwoth was a third-grade student at High School Parombo, who was volunteering to work at U-DJ at night after his studies to earn a living to meet his school needs.

Nebbi district commissioner, William Bob Labeja, confirmed the death penalty, where he allegedly was killed on Wednesday and criticized the hall administration used by the killers for failing to protect him before he died.

"As the head of security in this district I will not allow music halls to be developed and I want all the venues to be blocked because it has been a threat to youth life," said Bob Labeja

Bosco Okwai, in turn, said that in 2011 they made a law that prohibited the permits of performing music halls and invited all local leaders to ensure that they brought before the law all people who would ignore the law.