The Employment Secretariat in Public Service has been commended for ongoing efforts in the labor market improvements specifically to design a system of recipient application and planning system for successful executives.

The congratulations were issued by Deputy Minister, Presidential Office, Public Service Management and Good Governance, Dr. Mary Mwanjelwa during the weekend met with the Board, the Executive Officers and staff of the Secretariat with the aim of visiting the institutions under her Office to find out if they were fulfilling the responsibilities entrusted to her and her executives.

"I want you to know that this instrument has been established in order to carry out its responsibilities transparently and to justify the fact that the fifth phase of government is aimed at obtaining qualified Public Servants, ethics and good morals," he emphasized Deputy Minister.

In addition, he commended them for establishing systems for receiving work applications and the system for successful applicants while believing that the systems have increased transparency and reduces the delays of employment processes and eliminate preferential feelings because now the graduate is a qualified person. and the criteria they deserve.

Dr Mwanjelwa added that it is good for public education to be released so that stakeholders know how services are improved, including the reduction of time-making process from 90 to 52 days for new jobs and for those who are kept on the bank for seven days only for the employer. the servant he needs.

He concluded by demanding Labor Secretariat staff to continue to work on the basis of patriotism, public service ethics as they should be the model and those they employ.

On the other hand, the Secretary of Employment Secretariat has said since the establishment of the vessel until 17 January 2019 has announced 29,291 positions for the Ministry, Department, Agency, Regional Secretariat, Municipalities, Councils and Higher Education Institutions. Where a total of 1,104,513 applications were received between 376,689 applicants were invited to 28,580 securities and have been assigned work centers where 711 posts whose accreditation has been received recently is its process in various implementation measures.

In turn Vice Chairman of the Secretariat of Labor, Mr. Mbarak Abdulwakil on behalf of his colleagues and the staff of the institution thanked Him. Deputy Minister for his commitment and promising him to continue to carry out the functions of the vessel at a time and to comply with the Law, Regulations and Procedures so that the nation can continue to find the best staff.

It has been issued by the  Communications Unit, the Employment Secretariat.