Friday, January 25, 2019

Njombe Council About Cleaness And Income

The City of Njombe Council has welcomed the Dear Seniors' delegation, accompanied by Experts from the Sumbawanga Municipality, as well as learning and increasing knowledge in terms of income and environmental sanitation.

These have been noted during a brief welcome visit to the halls of the Njombe Town Council, where the visitors admitted that they were invited to come to Njombe City Council to learn from the qualities that the Council has been regularly engaging in environmental sanitation and collection revenue.

"City Council Sumbawanga for the financial year 2017/2018 meant to collect two billion and five million, but we did not succeed in collecting 80 percent in accordance with the Order. Prime Minister, and instead we collected only 54 percent. In addition to the sanitation and environment we have a second chance from the end due to lack of toilets and excellent toilets. "He said Suitable for the Municipality's mayor of Sumbawanga. Justin Emmanuel Malisawa.

He explained that the major challenges facing the Council's legislative law and the challenges of politicians who have been defending and disadvantage of some of the resolutions they have invested in the collection and maintenance of the environment and that's why they felt the importance of coming to learn from Njombe.

Commenting on the success of the Njombe Council that has reached the environmental hygiene in line with the revenue collection, Mr Njuminata Mwenda's CEO Mrs. Illuminata Mwenda said the success was due to the willingness and commitment of the councillors  regardless of the ideology of their unions and co-operation Experts.

"How do councilors want their council, so that's what I know. You may have good plans but Mr. Madiwani said nothing would be.

He added that their municipality's main agenda is income and sanitation. And even in the sessions of experts have been discussing and improving emerging shortcomings and developing strong strategies in the collection and environmental hygiene and we have been very successful. "He said Mwenda.

Dorcas Mkello is the Treasurer of the City Council Njombe said that among the methods they have been using in the revenue collection include motorcycle incentives for performers who are doing well in the collection but also give them 5 million to each council for each quarter of the year which are entrusted to the relevant ward councilors for promoting development in its ward. As a result, each councilor has been a defender in the management of income sources because they do not understand that the funds will not be obtained without a large collection.

According to his environmental officer, Njombe District Councilor Bernard said that despite having a positive public awareness on the allocation of waste assets, the LGAs have grown up with the importance of empowering the department for the financial year 2018/2019 managed to allocate funds through local revenue and to buy a tractor for waste disposal and thus prevent the waste disposal in the areas of the city due to the presence of sufficient work.

And City Council Chairwoman Edwin Mwanzinga said that the secret of success is a united one between the SADCs and the experts because they have been receiving professional advice and when they have shortcomings have been sharing the overall improvement of the benefit of the whole Council.

"My colleagues of Sumbawanga ask you to have a co-operation in the revenue collection. Progress is for all citizens and it is not a party, but I should also understand that in the hygiene and environmental issue you will not be able to do well depending on the Council, it will eliminate the waste itself, and the investor must be responsible for disposal of waste by contributing to the cost. "

In addition, the Swaziland Municipalities and Specialists in the City of Njombe thanked the City Council Njombe for the education they received and congratulated the construction of a continuous high level of buses in the new Bus Station and promised to establish a communication network with the Njombe City Council to continue to acquire skills and techniques. new in different places.

It should be noted that the City Council Njombe for two consecutive years; 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 have received guests from the eight Regional Councils of Songwe, Singida, Shinyanga and Rukwa for learning the methods and secrets of victory that use the City of Njombe Council to strengthen sanitation in all its territories.



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