Saturday, January 19, 2019

RC Kagera has set up strategies for "Bodaboda"

Kagera Regional Chief Brigadier General, Marco E. Gaguti, has made clear his strategy to make the most famous motorcyclist (Bodaboda) in Kagera region mainly in Bukoba Municipality as one of the tourists in the Bukoba City.

He said this immediately after meeting with motorcyclist and negotiating with them how he will ensure that he manages his strategies so that the publishers will do their job as he wishes.

"I invite you to this meeting, intending to meet you and to create a good environment for your work as I know that in the past you were working in an unhealthy environment, and having problems with the Defense and Security Instruments especially when the Police Force they are fulfilling their duties on the Safe Road. "he said

In addition, he has identified three key issues that Bodaboda should be promptly implementing, Creating groups and registering these groups in their workplace so that motorcyclist will recognize and through these groups be lenders and investors education.

Also through these groups, motorcyclists are both given a Security road education, also members of the Kagera Regional Defense and Security since there has been a bandit's claim to hide in the work of motorcyclist while committing crimes.
The governor also said that from now on he does not want to see or hear the Bodaboda tension with the Police Force but have a good relationship and become a system for working together.

On the other hand, the Guarantee Security Council in Kagera Region, Winston Kabantega told the governor that the Bodaboda business was starting in Bukoba in the city and spreading throughout the country but now Kagera Province is not in the best three best regions in Bodaboda business.



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