Thirty-thirds of the 185 councils have been able to collect domestic revenue at a rate of 50% and over the 2018/19 financial estimate while 21 councils have done badly by collecting less than 20 percent of their estimates per year.
That has been stated by the Minister of State Office of the Presidential Regional Administration and Local Government. Selemeni Jafo while reporting the internal revenue of the council for the second quarter of the year.
He said in 33 councils that collected 50 percent and more. Three Village Councils led by the City of Dodoma, the municipalities are two led by Iringa Municipalities, eight City Councils led by the City of Geita and District Councils are twenty led by the District Council. Geita.
"Analysis shows that In 6 villages, the Dodoma City leads by collecting 59 percent of the estimates and the Tanga City has been the last by collecting 33% of estimates," he said.
In addition, the Iringa Municipality has led the municipal group by collecting 64% of estimates where Lindi Municipality has been last in this group by collecting 20% ​​of estimates.
Jafo added that in the case of City Councils, the Geita City Council has led to collecting 84 percent of the estimates and the Nanyamba City Council has been last in this group by collecting just 9 percent of estimates,
He said in a group of District Councils, Geita District Council has led to collecting 78 percent of the estimates where Nanyumbu District Council has been last by collecting only 6 percent of the estimates.
Taking into account the majority of the collections of the JFC's revenue collection colleges, he noted the leading council as a Dodoma City which has collected Tshs. 40.12 billion and a small amount of funds is a Momba district council that has collected Tshs. 105.04 million.
Minister Jafo also noted the Region whose investors have collected revenue based on the majority of revenue as the Dar es Salaam Region, whose total banks have collected Tshs. 77.4 billion and the Final Region is the Katavi, whose banks have collected only 2.4 billion shillings.
He said in a well-developed Region based on the percentage of collections is Geita Region Its councils have collected 56.4 percent of the annual estimates followed by the Dodoma Region that collected 55.9 percent of its estimates and the final Region of the Region for Mtwara, which has collected a percentage 15 of its annual estimates.
At the same time, Jafo has asked all directors whose councils have not done well in the revenue collection by collecting less than ten percent of their estimates for half-year expression and self-assessment and ensuring they are more actively involved in the collection of revenue.
"The 9 out of 10 counts in the last financial year have succeeded in doing well during the semi-financing year 2018/19 by collecting more than 20 percent of its estimates," she said.
Minister Jafo also instructed all Directors to ensure that all revenue statistics in the LGRCIS system are being addressed and submitted to the IFMS (Epicor) system as all revenue and financial information should be provided through the system.
This revenue statement aims to show how the internal revenue collection functions in LGAs are well managed and these data are provided according to information submitted to the resolution and sent into the IFMS (Epicor) system.

In the financial year 2018/19 The charts were scheduled to collect Tshs. 735.6 billion from its internal sources and up to 31,2018 Councils collected 300 billion shillings equivalent to 41 percent of the estimates.
For the period 2017/18 the council plans to collect Tshs. 687.3 billion and by December 2017, the council collected 281.3 billion shs equivalent to 41 percent of the estimates.
These figures indicate that there was an increase of Shs. 18.7 billion for fiscal year 2018/19 compared with collections for such a period for fiscal year 2017/18